Like the travelers' guardian deity

Design : Tohoku University [Mokushojuku]

General Contractor : Self build(Kakunodate-mokushojuku)

Design : 1998.7 - 1999.7

Construction : 1999.8

Structural system : Timber frame construction

Total floor area : 4.79㎡

Program : Bus shelter

The suggestion of the bus shelter that used the thinning materials of the cedar.

In 1998, for a student of Tohoku region, a design competition of Simple Construction with a local cedar was performed in Kakunodate, Akita. We participate in the suggestion of the bus shelter as Tohoku University team, and won the first prize, so we were able to really build it. I make indoor space by a curve and the straight line by putting the wood together.

Because I used polycarbonate for both sides of the building to be able to confirm the traffic of the bus, eyes penetrate a building. Kakunodate is satisfied by deep snow during winter but the mountains change an expression in autumn, summer, spring and the scene of the site changes vividly through one year. As a shelter taking in scenery turning red and yellow by the four seasons to the maximum or a mark to burn in pure white view in the season of the snowstorm, I thought that it seem to be "the travelers' guardian deity" that this watches a passerby calmly.

道 祖 神 の よ う に

設計 : 東北大学木匠塾

施工 : セルフビルド(角館木匠塾)

設計期間 : 1998.7 - 1999.7

竣工 : 1999.8

主体構造 : 木造フレーム構造

延床面積 : 4.79㎡

用途 : バス待合所