Doughnut type globe

Imagine the doughnut form earth.

There is no Pole, the Eurasian continent is floating above the greenland, going to north from Norway would arrive to South Africa, distance among countries can be much near or far, the lower point of height of sea is on the equator, the plane flies in the space for shortest distance and the horizon which going further swells broader and broader. The magnetic field goes around earth, the aurora fills hole, the continent and the ocean are endless, we can see the our home from outside and the shooting star goes through center of hall. What a lovely our earth.

Name : Aonecosai #2

Organizer : Aonecosai

Venue : Maebashi literary hall

Principal-in-charge : Fujino Takashi

Project team : Machida Takahiro Gunji Emi

Design : 2012.09

Dates : 2012.09.21 - 2012.09.22

Exhibits : Styrofoam clay







担当:藤野高志 町田貴宏 郡司絵美


展示期間:2012.09.21 - 2012.09.22

素材:スタイロフォーム 粘土