Rules and Regulations


        1.      Only CURRENT IIT Students are allowed to play.

a.       If Alumni want to participate, they would be considered as guests entering the gym and must pay the regular Keating Fees

     ($10 per visit)

b.      Student ID’s for each player will be checked prior to each match that is played.

        2.      Teams must consist of no more than 8 players (6 on the field per game; 2 subs)

a.       Each team must identify a captain who will be responsible for all the activities including the knowledge of rules, schedule, 

      issues, complaints, and the contact person between the committee and the team they represent.

        3.      Each team must provide a list of the 6 players playing in the match, and student ID as well as roster of the registered team will be 

              verified before the player is allowed to play.

        4.      Each team plays 1 match per week (Matches to be held on Saturdays or Sundays).

a.       4 groups with 5 teams in each group will be made at random (20 teams total)

b.      2 teams from each group will advance to playoffs (8 teams to quarterfinals)

        5.      Each team may receive a BYE WEEK.

        6.      Any given player can only play for maximum of 1 team.

a.       If a player or team is found breaking this rule, the player and/or team may have to forfeit the game(s) and further action 

      may be taken on the player and/or the team such as game and/or tournament suspensions.

b.      If the offense is repeated, the player will be disqualified from the tournament and the team will forfeit the tournament.

       7.      UMPIRE'S decision is FINAL!!!!  NO verbal or physical abuse will be tolerated.  If any person or team indulges in this, the team or the 

             individual may forfeit the match (contingent upon decision of the umpire). (Follow rule #9 for further instances of violations)

        8.      If the instance occurs the 2nd time, the team will be disqualified from the tournament.

        9.      Teams who are late for the match will face the following consequences:

a.       If the team has not showed up by the scheduled start time, the team will lose the toss.

b.      5 minutes late: 1 over deducted when they are batting

c.       10 minutes late: 2 overs deducted when they are batting

d.      15 minutes late: 3 overs deducted when they are batting

                                                              i.      Example: If team A is late 10 minutes, then that means that when they come to bat, they will only be given 6 overs 

                                  to bat, while the other team who is on-time will be given all 8 overs.

        10.  If the team is late more than 15 minutes, they forfeit the match.

a.       The UMPIRE of the match will keep the time.

        11.  Each team can only give 1 WALK OVER in the schedule.  After this, the team will be disqualified from the tournament.

a.       If the team does give a walk over, it will result in -2 points for the team.

b.      Further action against the team and/or players may be taken in future tournaments.

        12.   The teams must have a minimum of 4 players on the field in order for the game play to start.  If less than 4 players are present 

             at the scheduled start time, the team will lose the toss and over deduction rule will be applied for 15 minutes.  After this, the team will 

             forfeit the match.

        13.  Each game will have a Main Umpire as well the as running umpire.

        14.  In the end, let’s play cricket in the spirit of the game and ENJOY!!!!!!


         1.      Each innings will be 8 overs.

         2.      Bowling rules:

a.       1 Bowler can bowl up to 3 overs.

b.      2 Bowlers can bowl up to 2 overs EACH.

c.       This will leave an additional 1 over, which will have to be bowled by a different player on the team.

        3.      In order to avoid any clashes and problems, ball hitting the roof is NOT OUT However, if the fielder catches the ball directly after 

              the ball hits the roof, it will be given OUT.  If the ball hits the ground, it will be NOT OUT.

        4.      If the ball hits the curtain on either side, it is NOT OUT even if the fielder catches it before it hits the ground.  The catching rule applies 

              ONLY to the roof of the gym.

        5.      The fielding team will have to provide the wicketkeeper.  However, having a wicketkeeper is not necessary.

        6.     There is extra run for WIDES, OVER STEPPING NO BALLS, and BOUNCERS. Above the SHOULDERS NO BALL (Bouncers) will result in an 

            EXTRA RUN and the Ball will not be counted. (NO BOUNCERS ALLOWED; each bouncer will result in 1 run for batting team and ball will 

            not be counted)

a.       There are no runs for BYES or LEG BYES. 

b.      The batsman may ONLY run if the ball is WIDE for additional runs.

        7.      OVER STEPPING no balls will result in FREE HIT.

        8.      If the bowler bowls a full toss to the batsman, above the waist, this will again follow the BOUNCER rule.

a.       If two full-tosses (above the waist) are bowled in the match, the bowler will be disqualified to bowl in the match.

        9.      The Umpire will determine if the Bowler's action is illegal.

a.       If the batting side feels as though the bowler is CHUCKING (BATTA-Bowling), the CAPTAIN of the batting team can come and discuss the issue with the umpire.

b.      It is up to the umpire as to what action to take.

c.       NO ARGUMENTS and ABUSE will be tolerated!!!