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                                   E / SYSTEMS 
                             Power Demand Response & Control
            E / SYSTEMS offers Intelligent ENERGY & POWER DEMAND RESPONSE,
            Control and Monitoring Solutions for E.Grid / Networking operations, that facilitate
            efficient  capabilities, and options, for:
                                                               Demand Monitoring 
                                                             Predictive Scheduling
                                                            Intelligent Management
                                                           Optimum Load Balancing
                                                          Energy Efficiency Auditing                           
                                                         Dynamic Peak-Load Control 
                                                        Automated Demand Response
                             - for Energy consumption and distribution facilities; on Smart local and
                               wide-area networks in commercial, institutional or industrial complexes.

                          - Prices for the DEMAND  CONTROLLER  Units range from:  $795.,
                                                                                                                         (Per Options & Notes)             
                                              DEMAND  CONTROL  FEATURES:                                               
                                                              Peak Power  Monitors
                                                            Power Demand Controls
                                                           Wireless Metering Option
                                                          SMART Network Interfaces
                                                          Remote Demand Controllers 
                                                         Metering: Pulse Inputs or CTs 
                                                        GraphicTouch-Display Elections 
                              These E / SYSTEMS  Intelligent Energy Efficiency Systems provide
                              integrated Peak Power Monitoring and Control for both dedicated & 
                              networked power distribution and energy management operations.
                              Intelligent E.Power Demand Response and Control Systems facilitate the
                              reduction of Peak Energy Costs, thru predictive scheduling & automated
                              Demand Response, with prioritized shedding of strategically flexible non-
                              critical system loads, - over high-usage time periods; and thereby enable
                              lowered utility peak-billing, by up to 15 to 20+%.
                                -  The Demand Controller Prices are Net of applicable State Tax or
                               Shipping charges, Special options  and Implementation services.       
                                   - Any requests for returns must be specifically approved by the seller,                 
                                prior to return and are subject to inspection and repair costs.
                                           DEMAND  CONTROL  REFERENCES:
                              The E / SYSTEMS  E.Power Demand Controllers utilize Wireless / Cellular
                              Access, - to automatically monitor the composite loads on tlocal or remote 
                              electrical systems, to intelligently predict and adaptively limit excessive Peak
                              Demand cycles; - as well as to analyze energy trends and statistically track:
                                                                  Instantaneous Power
                                                                 Peak-Load Limitations
                                                                Total Real/Mean Energy
                                                                Power-Factor / Variations
                                                              Harmonic/Distortion Metrics
                                                             Dynamic Utility KWHrs./Rates
                              Representative facility power operations, that typically could be included in
                              these critical-demand & load-control strategies, - and that can be compatibly
                              implemented with automated Building Control Centers, -include the prioritized 
                              management of:                                    
                                            HVAC & Climatics                               Industrial & Heat Process
                                            Auxillary VFD Fans                             Computer / Data Centers 
                                           Chill/FreezerTemps                             Motors and Pump Cycles 
                                           Refrigeration Times                            Boiler / Lockout Limiting
                                            Heater Temp Cycles                           Heat Treating Processes
                                           Air / Duct  Pressures                          Facility/Schedule Options
                                           Lighting  Perimeters                           Alternative Power Sources
                                           Common Area Lights                         Region Temperature Trends
                             In addition, dedicated Power Demand Response and Control Systems are now
                             offered with scripted configurations, providing optimized operation & enhanced
                             efficiency for specific Commercial or Building facilities, that can include:
                                              COMPUTING and                                        ENVIRONMENT or
                                             SERVER  Centers:                                      HVAC  SYSTEMS:
                                             Server Scheduling                                    Temperature Control  
                                           Peak Energy Savings                                Air Flows & Circulation             
                                          Power/ Usage Limiting                              Compressor Time Cycles 
                                        Dynamic Load Balancing                           Peripheral Temp Balancing
                                       Real-Time  Power Capping                         Boiler & Pump Interval Rates                            
                                      Server Workload Allocation                       Chiller/H2O Temperature Limit
                                      Standby & Low-Power Modes                      Refrigeration Ranges and Timing
                                   Servers Cycle/Activity Controls                   Ancillary Fan/VFD Motor Cycling 
                                   Graphic Energy / Grid Analyses                 Smart  Energy Control Algorithms
                                  Optimal/Vectored Server Cooling               Dynamic: - Load Demand Response 
                              SMART E-Grid / Interactive Networking options are also provided for remote/
                              Wireless / Zigbee DYNAMIC DEMAND Response, Management and Control,
                              offering automated Real-Time Energy Rate compensation, plus I-T Systems
                              compatibity for:  Internet and Cloud Computing interoperability.
                              These Power Demand Response Controllers are available with integral, remote
                              or mobile High-Resolution GUI Touch-Displays, - for interactive Graphics and 
                              Visualization of the energy system's dynamic performance and real efficiency
                              parameters or alarms.
                              The E.DEMAND CONTROLLERS are specifically deigned and implemented for
                              efficient/reliable operation within commercial, industrial or institutional facilities,
                              -while providing economical Power Management options, with: 
                                                         DEMAND  CONTROL  FEATURES: 
                                                                      Multi-Meter Inputs
                                                         3-Phase & Wireless I/O
                                                        Intelligent Peak Control 
                                                       Energy Monitor & Display
                                                     Dynamic Demand Response 
                                                    Adaptive Control  Algorithms 
                                                   Prioritized/Scheduled Controls 
                                                  Automated Demand Supervision
                                                 Cellular Remote Access & Control
                                                Wireless Grid/Network Management 
                              These cost-effective  E / SYSTEMS  ENERGY DEMAND CONTROLLERS now
                              offer compact and modular stylized enclosures, with optonal features for:
                                            Multi CPU u-Processors                   Graphic LCD Displays
                                           RAM/Flash Data Storage                 Intractive Touch-Screen
                                           Predictive A/I Algorithms               Status & Alarm Monitoring
                                           E.GRID/IEEE/WiMax iNets              Analog,Digital,AC Adapters 
                                          NEMA/Indus/Mobile Systems            Power Controls & Sensor I/O 
                              The System's base prices range from only:  $995. & up, depending on options
                              or interfaces, - and are fully supported by experienced systems engineering and 
                              technology implementation & integration capabilities, for advanced POWER
                              DEMAND CONTROL facilities.   
                              Contact E / SYSTEMS for a professional evaluation of your Energy Demand Control 
                              and power operational synergies, at:               
                                                                      E / SYSTEMS 
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