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Energy Automation Technology . . . . . Intelligent  Power  Generation . . . .

         Intelligent / Alternative  Power Generation 
     Contributing to the utilization of efficient Power Generation Systems, 
VIA now provides an advanced compliment of alternative fuel / e.Powertm 
Generators,  for use in Stand-by / UP  - and Portableor Continuous-Duty operations.
       These e.Powertm Generation Systems are fully supported by VIA Energy's
 reliable engineering technology services and power development capabilities,
                                     Energy Facility Solutions
                                     e.Power Generator Systems
                                    E.Grid/Network Integration 
                                   Power and Network Monitoring  
       The modular e.Powertm electric Generation units are available for commercial,
industrial, municipal and residential power facilities, - now offering options for high-
efficiency and low-emission alternative fuel sources, that can operate on:
                       Natural Gas       Propane      BioFuels 
         Incorporating flexible/efficient technology with packaged systems designs, -theVIA  e.Powertm Generators provide a proven complement of reliable electrical 
load capacities, with ratings that can range from:
                                            10 KW  to 5000 KW
                                            @ 60 Hz. or 50 Hz.
                                            120/240/480 Opts.
                                            NEMA Features 
        VIA  e.Powertm Generation units provide industry leading performance and
reliability, plus outstanding operating efficiency and  fuel economy,  - with the
sustained benefits of  low-carbon environmental  protection, -using:
                                        Internal Combustion &
                                          Gas Turbine Engines: 
                                               with Alternative Fuel Options                         
      Featuring enhanced Environmental designs, the VIA  e.Powertm  Generators are
also offered with architecturally compatible enclosures for either fixed-location
or portable installations. 

 PRICING:     The prices for integral  G.ENXtm Backup Generators range from
                        only  $990. ,         ( Subject to Spects and Options )
      Kindly, contact VIA Energy  directly,  for a professional  engineering appraisal
of pending Electrical Generation requirements, at: 

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