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    The E-ENERGY Network Monitoring & Control Systems offer Integrated E-Grid Technology and Improved Power Operating Efficiency, thru: - - -Automated Energy System Supervisory Control for commercial, industrial and/or government facilities.     

      These intelligent/highly reliable, E-Energy Network Monitoring Systems can now increase energy efficiency thru Adaptive/A-I Monitoring, Network Supervision and Predictive Controls, for: real-time Energy /Power Conservation & on-line Automation of - plant facilities, environmental systems and remote/mobile equipment, using:

 Dynamic Power Control          Peak Demand Response          Wireless/Grid Metering
 Electric/Energy Analysis
 Monitors         AMI, ADR & 
 Diagnostics/Maintenance        Automated Load Balancing          
Grid /ZigBee/WiMax/I-P
     The E-ENERGY Monitor-Systems feature powerful PC/MicroProcessors and Controller sub-systems with integral Storage
& Server Options, - plus: remote A/D, DAS and iNet/WAN/SCADA Networking; -with High-Resolution Video Monitoring 

plus Sensory, Analog/Digital I-O interfaces.   


     The Interoperable RealTime Software & imbedded O/S options also facilitate energy/power monitoring and control, logical inferencing or statistical analysis with event/trend alarming and predictive systems optimization, plus: -automated power level  feed-back or equipment/service controls, Cellular imaging, messaging and iNet/Grid/Wireless Communications options.   

     With Dynamic Demand Regulation  - Major Energy consumers can be automatically monitored by these E-Control Systems, for:- On-Line Control, using Predictive Trend Analysis or Status Alarming, thru Web/E.Grid Nets with remote I/O, offering:

Realtime Demand Response        Automatic Power Control          Remote Grid Metering
Wireless/IEEE  Grid Sensors        Grid/Net/WiMx Monitoring         Rates/Usage Tracking

    The Energy Monitoring/Control System's advanced MicroProcessors and System Software permit incorporation of: - menu-driven A/I and Logical Algorithms and/or Expert Programming options to statistically monitor and optimize energy utilization and thereby automatically enhance on-line Energy efficiency, Power distribution and Control functions;-relative to consumption, economic
 & environmental specifications.

     Interactive/automated guidance features included with the E-Energy Monitoring Systems incorporate dynamic GUI Touch-Screen Graphic Displays for facility/power analysis, including: Vision/CCTV imaging, trend/limit alarmin
g & on-line intervention; plus operating parameters 
and diagnostics reporting with energy/rate management.

 - These reliable E-Energy Monitoring and Control Systems can incorporate the following modular/miniaturized features:

I. RUGGED/PCs & uPower-Servers        II. GUI/Graphics LCD Color Display
   Intel I-Core Multi-Processors                  Adaptive / High-Res. Interface

   Integral Flash and Mass Memories                   Operator TouchScreens & Pen I/O
   RAID Disk or NAS Storage Options               HandHeld & R.F. Termina
l /
   Adaptive A/I
 and E-Power Algorithms      
III. Remote Sensors & Controllers I/O
   MultiSignal Analog/Digital Converter                 Analog/Digita
l &
 Video Interfaces: 
M R-T Control & 115 Vac / Battery Pwr.              Grid Metering/DDC/CCTV/RFID 
   iNet/Lan/Wan/SCADA Network Com.                 Wireless Grid/Zigbee Net

     -The E-ENERGY MONITORING/CONTROL  SYSTEMS are supported by extensive staff consulting services, as well as comprehensive libraries of structured Network

Software for system implementation and programming, including: 

       Energy Contro
l and Supervision     
         Energy Analysis / Optimization
      3D Graphic Displays/Monitors         
    Power Statistics 
& Utility Billing
      Grid Surveillance/ Diagnostics
             AMI/ADR/Nets & 
Video Analysis
      Multi-Loop PID/DDC Controls          
        Remote &
 Wireless Grid Metering
      E.Grid / iNet / I-P Management   
SCADA/IEEE/WiMax/I-T Networks  

-Support services and specifications for these E-Energy Monitors are available from:

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