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                                          E / SYSTEMS  
                           Power / Distribution Monitoring
       E / SYSTEMS provides integrated Energy and Power Monitoring Systems for
real-time Supervision and Management of electrical/mechanical facilities and infra- structures, including:
                           POWER / ENERGY and ENVIRONMENTAL  FACILITIES
      These Monitoring Systems feature interactive E.GRID and Wireless/ZigBee Networking Communications, with advanced Micro-Processor electronics and intelligent analytics: - for:
on-line control, logging and management of Energy & Power metrics, offering:
  Facilities E-Automation                    Interactive  Monitoring     
  Real - Time  Diagnostics                   Predictive  Maintenance
  Energy/Load Supervision                 Power Demand Response 
  WiMax/Cloud/I-P Networks               E.Grid/IEEE/SCADA i-Nets
       Advanced Energy Monitoring Systems are now available for: -Energy Efficiency, Management/Remote Control and Surveillance of: - Building Facilities and Environmental Systems or Power Distribution and Control Centers; - with Smart-Grid and Wireless Network
options, using: - WiMax, ZigBee, iNET or Cellular Communications: 
                     OPERATIONS                                ENVIRONMENT 
                              MONITORING:                                 MONITORING:
                         E.Power Distribution                           Temperatures
                         Facility Load Centers                           HVAC Systems
                         Building SubStations                          Boilers/Heating
                         Computer/Data Center                         Humidity Limits
                         Industrial/ Heat Process                        Emissions / CO2
                         BackUp Power Sources                       Ventilation Rates 
                         Motors/Control Systems                      Refrigeration/H2O 
     In addition, dedicated Power Monitoring Systems are now available in standard configurations for Electrical Power and Distribution facilities, - to provide specific features
for improved efficiency and management, that encompass:  
                              DISTRIBUTION                              SUB-STATIONS & 
                               EQUIPMENT:                                  PowerCenters :  
                               Load Trends                                   Grid Status
                               Temperatures                                  Power Data
                               Power Factor                                  Load Level
                               I/O Distortion                                   Waveforms
                               Harmonic Frq.                                 Temperature
                               Oil & Coolants                                  Power Factor
                               Sound Levels                                 Security Data
                               Voltage Ratios                                Breaker Rates
                               Vibration  Data                                 Transient Data
                               Diagnostic Log                                Outage Events
    The E / SYSTEMS Power and Distribution Monitoring Systems utilize advanced E.GRID Networking & Computer Technology, that typically encompass the following
                       Green CPU u-Processor                       Graphic LCD Displays 
                           VRAM / Flash Memories                    Touch-Screen GUI Opt.
                           A/I Adaptive Algorithms                    Status/Alarm Indicators
                           Wireless/ IEEE Networks                    Power and Sensors I/Os
                           Rugged/H-Held & Mobile                   Hi-Voltage Adapter Opt.
       Available as integral Power and Distribution Modules, these economical E.GRID
Monitoring units are now base priced from under $395. each, depending on options.
      Contact E / SYSTEMS directly for a review of pending Power Monitoring applications,
                                          E / SYSTEMS
                                     E.Mail:     ENxen@live.com 

                          Also: Visit:      E.GRID Access