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                             E / Systems
                             E.Grid Wireless Metering           
                E/Systems Energy Technology capabilities include the
         facilitation of AMI Advanced Metering and Smart Grid Wireless
         Communications  facilities, for real-time:
                                             AMI Wireless Metering
                                          Power Demand Monitoring
                                         Utilitiy Grid / I-P /SCADA Nets 
                   Industry standard digital Metering with IEEE/R.F. compatible wireless
         interface adapters are offered, - using major brand plug-in Meters which can
         include G.E. & equivalents, - therby enabling Smart Grid and I-P Networking
         interoperability, for next generation Energy Efficiency and Power Management
                  The Smart Grid Meter interface adapters provide duplex R.F. Network data
          communications over 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz channels, for integration with current
          utility metering systems, - including modular options for internal installation into
          existing standard meter cases.  
                 These features readily enable the economical and timely proviision of on-line
          interactive Utility Metering for Commercial & Industrial facilities, - encompassing:
                          I.  Dynamic Monitoring, Demand Control and Metering/Billing
                                for Utilities, including: Electricity, Gas & Water. 
                         II.  Sub-Monitoring & Digital Metering of remote / dedicated
                                 Electrical Loads and Power-Centers.
                        III.   Energy Monitoring and Demand Control for conventional
                                  Residential installations, - utilizing economical clamp-on
                                  adapters for current rotary Meters. 
                        IV.   E-V - Electric Vehicles:  - Charging Station Remote/Wireless
                                     Adapters for Charge Metering, Scheduling & Control, with
                                     Automated RFID and C/Card Billing,
                          V.   E.GRID:  Power Distribution and Sub-Stations / Transformer
                                   Monitoring or Metering, with Supervisory Control options,
                  Interactive Smart Grid Software systems are also offered, for I-P compatible
            Utility Networking, - featuring functional support of: 
                                               AMI Power Metering/Billing
                                             Demand Response / Control
                                            Energy Quality and Monitoring
                                          Power Schedules, Outages/Alarm
                                       Wireless Grid/I-P/SCADA Networking
                  E / SYSTEMS provides Smart Grid Technology services and professional     
             enguineering support capabilities for integrated energy management solutions.
                   Contact E / Systems directly for an evaluation of your forthcoming Energy
             Efficiency projects, at:                                                   

                                                  E / Systems


                                   Phone:        313-882-1133

                                   E.Mail:     ENxen@live.com


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