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                             Integrated Electronics Technology

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                                          Intelligent Technology Products
                               ELECTRONICS - SYSTEMS
                            Engineering & Manufacturing 
     ASC Systems offers integrated Technology and Support capabilities for Advanced   Electronics Products; providing strategic Engineering, Development and Contract 
                Manufacturing services, with Interactive Design facilities for: 
                                Electronics     -     Controls     -     Mobility
                                 Computers     -      Imaging     -     Networks
         ASC Systems  is dedicated to achieving maximum Customer Satisfaction with the provision of enhanced:

                                                           Product Value
                                                     Manufacturing Quality
                                                    Technology Leadership
                                                    Automation / Productivity 
     -   ASC Systems'  advanced Engineering and Manufacturing services can truly facilitate
 optimization of both Productivity and Economics, by leveraging:
                                     I. OUTSTANDING  DESIGN  AND  QUALITY
                                    II. GLOBAL-CLASS  VALUE  AND TECHNOLOGY
                                   III. PRECISION  AUTOMATION AND PROCESSING 
                                      TECHNOLOGY  SERVICES:  

                                                   -  Product  Engineering
                                                   -  Functional Evaluation
                                                   -  System/Circuitry Design
                                                   -  Manufacturing & Assembly
                                                   -  Printed-C & I-C Integration
                                                   -  MEMS & Micro Technologies
                                                   -  Software/MPU-Programming
                                                   -  Product Design & Packaging
                                                   -  Operational Testing and Analysis
                                                   -  Standards Calibration/Certification
                                                   -  Systems Integration 
                                                   -  Production Engineering
                                                   -  Electronics & Computers
                                                   -  Automation / Controllers
                                                   -  SPC/Quality Assurance
                                                   -  System Enhancement
                                                   -  Test & Validation
                                                   -  Failure Analysis
                                                   -  Product Repair
*** These industry-leading Technology / Service capabilities extend into both strategic products and functional systems, within structured manufacturing categories, for: Commercial, Industrial and Automotive, Aerospace or Military equipment;  - that mandate the operational  incorporation of:

                                                    MOBILE / WIRELESS NETS
                                                  ASIC &  P/C  DEVELOPMENT

                                                  PLC & CONTROL SYSTEMS
                                                 AUTOMATION / PRODUCTION
                                                MILITARY-SPEC ELECYSTEMS

*** ASC Systems also contributes to the advancement of Societal conditions, by actively supporting
economic and employment programs for the disadvantaged.
      Please contact ASC Systems directly for immediate response to your
specific requirements involving: Product Design, Engineering Suppport 

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