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1                           ASC  Systems
                                                - Mobility / Computing -
        - ASC Systems offers Integrated design and production capabilities for Mobile /
 Miniaturized, Intelligent  Micro-Computer Controllers - that incorporate:
                                              Adaptive / Mobile Control
                                           Remote/Wireless Sensors, I-O
                                          Interactive LCD Touch-Displays
                                         Rugged/Severe Environ. Options
    These Intelligent Micro-Controllers utilize advanced ARM / RISC Multi-Processor
or Intel ix-Core commpatible uComputers, with integral Signal/Data Analysis,
A/I Mathmatical Logic or
 Graphics/Imaging and Networking functions, featuring
expandable mobile systems options, for:  

- ARM / RISC or ixCORE Multi-Processor CPUs:

        2 to 4GHz. CPU Clock Speed
        2GB to 64GB RAM Memory
        Cache Memory Opt. to 16GB
        SVGA Graphics to 1280x1024
        Virtual Drive StorageOption
        500GB to 2-TB Hard Disk Dr.
        S/S Disk & RW C/D ROM Opt.
        Ser./Par./Audio/Video/A-D I/O
        Hi-Res. CCD Camera Options
        Voice Recognition/Response

        USB, HDMI and PCMCIA Ports  
        Cellular, GPS, Tracking Opts.
         WiFi, Blu T, RF/ Mobile


         LCD Graphic Color Displays

         Touch-Screen Monitors 7 to 40"

          PLC Controllers and Networks:

              Sensors & Control Interfaces

 - DATA-ACQUISITION & SENSOR I/O                Options:

        Remote/Wireless Network - DAS I/O:

         Analog/Digital Converters-
            12 to 16 Bit Resolution
            Conversions to 100+MHz.
            Programmed Gain/Calib.
        Signal Inputs and Outputs-
            Analog I/O to 32

            Digital I/O to 48

            Counter/Timer I/O
        Transducer Conditioning-
            T/C, RTD, P/I, mV, mA
         Controller I/O Functions-
            AC/DC,PID, Servo/Stp.Motor
         Video/Vision: High-Res. Color

            Digital Camera Options
          CAN Networks / Vehicle Monitoring,

                 Data Acquisition & Control

                            Intelligent Mobility Systems
          ASC Systems' Embedded Micro-Processors can be specifically configured for dedicated implementation within miniaturized / state-of-the-art  Electronics Systems for:
                                                 -Mobile / Remote
                                                Vehicle & Airborne
                                             Commercial / Industrial
                                            Security and Surveillance
                                            Automation  & Monitoring
                                            PLC / Emulation Controls
                                            Military and UGV  Robotics
      Offering uniquely efficient price/performance with optimally Miniaturized Processor configurations, these Embedded Micro-Controller Systems are available
 at prices ranging from under $100., depending on peripherals and options.
       Contact ASC Systems directly for Technical specifications and Controller applications.
                                       ASC  SYSTEMS 
                                        Embedded / Mobility Computing
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