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     Enabling the advancement of Career Opportunities, INTELi
offers sponsored  Intelligent Educational facilities, -that provide individualized curriculums for specialized technologies and high 

growth disciplines, - featuring:

        -Top-Tier College Courses                     - On-Line/Internet Video Classes

       - PhD/Professor Instructors                   - Career Education / Employment

    These professionaly lectured, on-line technology courses currently are offered with sponsored class programs and remote-site interactive media, including:                                  

                               Click-On  Courses:


         I.  INFORMATION              II COMPUTERS 



         III.  PC/SYSTEMS                   IV.  ORACLE  / SQL

                & MOBILITY                             S A P  /  D B A 




    Potential users of these specific Educational Courses can begin their studies byLinking-to the selected subjects, listed above.

     The individual pace of course completion is often student determined and can be performed on an incremental basis to accommodate personal schedules. 

    Any recommended prerecquisits for these Courses will also be typically indicated in the introductory section.

    Please Email related  information requirements, and/or forthcoming course scheduling requests, to the support staff at INTELi .



         NOTE:  Also, refer to the EMPLOYMENT listings at  the top Banner, - for pending new Career Opportunities.


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