(in)Frequently Asked Questions
We ask them so you don’t have to
Q:Are you selling anything?
Q:Are you buying anything?
Q:Can you tell me how much something is worth?

If all else fails
Read carefully before emailing

We have made a considerable effort to identify the items pictured here, but we offer no guaranty of accuracy and will not accept responsibility for losses that you may incur as a result of our mistakes or omissions.  Please do your own additional research.

If you need help identifying something, please send us a picture.  Be sure it's well lighted and in focus.  Two or three views are better than one.  Tell us about any names, logos or model numbers.  Allow two or three days for a reply.
We will do our best to identify your item, but we cannot guaranty accuracy or tell you how much it's worth.

We cannot identify
<Clusters, gauges, or clocks without dials or bezels.
<Anything for a vehicle not made in the USA or Canada.
<Anything for a heavy truck, bus, RV, or tractor.
<Anything older than 1920 or newer than 1970.
<Anything by part number alone.
<Anything without a picture.

We welcome pictures for use on the site, whether to fill gaps in our coverage or to improve upon the quality of existing pictures, but we have some rules, and we ask that you follow them closely.  (These rules do not apply to pictures sent for identifying items.)

For your picture to appear on the site
<It should have an aspect ratio of 4:3 (landscape) and be at least 640 x 480 pixels in size.
<The item to be photographed should be positioned right side up on a clean, smooth, solid color background such as gray or brown cardboard.  Other colors are okay if they are not excessively bright and not white or pink.  Carpets are okay if they have a very low pile that does not obscure the items resting on them.  Sheets and blankets are okay if they are not wrinkled.
<Plenty of empty space should be allowed around the item to facilitate cropping and editing.
<No part of the item except cables or wires should be omitted from the view.
<Extraneous objects should not appear.  These include props, tools, rulers, hands, fingers, feet, toes, stuffed toys, cute little animals, and all forms of vegetation such as grass, leaves and twigs.
<Multiple items should be photographed separately.

Any picture you send to us for any reason may be used (or not used) on the site by us at our discretion unless you tell us not to use it, or unless it belongs to a third party.
Sorry, we do not respond to social networking site invitations, we do not buy or sell anything, and we cannot tell you what something is worth.  Please do not ask for prices.

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