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iConsultant is a new age business. As a result we do not have glamorous offices with hundreds of staff just sitting around drinking coffee. Rather we have a large amount of people that are working on contract, in their own businesses or permanently employed with available time. These people have one thing in common - they are entrepreneurs! This means that they are dedicated to delivering what you need when you need it as their reputation and income depend on it. Take a moment to think what you would have to do to get your own staff to have this level of dedication. 


We have an ever growing number of resources available for you to select from. The skills available to your business include:


    • Program Management – Full management of multiple projects with multiple project managers. Develop or use existing project management methodologies.
    • Project Management – Management of smaller to large projects using established and proven project methodologies.
    • Project Assistant / Co-ordinator / Administrator – Help co-ordinate and administer single to multiple projects for single to multiple project managers.
    • Strategy – Assist in development, planning and execution of business strategies in areas of expertise.
    • Senior Management – Assist your senior management or take on a temporary senior management role while you are looking to replace with the right candidate.
    • Management – Assist your management or take on a temporary management role while you are looking to replace with the right candidate.
    • Office Assistant / Management – Assist with all day to day office management and assistant functions so that you can focus on the core of your business. This can be done from full time to completely virtual depending on the need.
    • Professional Writing – Quality control on existing documents through to creating new professional looking documents.
    • Graphics Design – From building new images, logos and designs through to updating existing ones.
    • Software Development (Web, WAP through to full database systems) – Range of skilled developer at various levels that can assist with your development needs.
    • Data Analytics – Understand what the raw data means better through the use of these skills.
    • Legal documents – Create or update any of your legal documents. Protect yourself before it is too late.
    • IT Procurement – From securing best quotations on quality equipment through to ensuring this has been delivered on site.
    • Event Co-ordination – Planning staff events at your offices through to remote events and team building activities.
    • Supply Chain – Strategic assisting in building and improving on your supply chain approach and principles applied in your business.
    • Warehousing – Strategic assistance with warehouse management aspects as needed.
    • Logistics – Assistance in optimising your logistic operations.
    • Human Resources – Help with range of human resource elements from policies through to setup of legal required committees and structures.
    • Financial / Book keeping – from basic book keeping skills through to assisting with the financial management your company needs. We have skills from lower levels through to previous CFO’s of large corporates available to you.
    • Call Centre – Assist in implementing systems, tools, processes and methodologies to run your call centre more effectively.
    • Other - Talk to me and I will see if there is a match or if I can find someone to assist you
A key principle that we have applied in building up this business is to find and list only people that we trust. These are people that I would employ into my own business (and in fact for all the people listed, I have employed or worked directly with them). Using this as a criterion I know that they will operate with integrity and commitment irrespective of the task allocated.


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