Over the years there have been a range of clients and customers that have made use of our services. Due to the confidential nature of many of these engagements, the details of the projects and / or consulting tasks completed cannot always be divulged. We have however added in some of their comments about our work and engagements to provide an view of what the experience is for these customers. Also given the nature of the company, some of these roles may not have been under the ambit of iConsultant, but rather through the individual's role in the business or in a contract capacity for a business.

New Clients?

If you are interested in exploring an engagement with us, please feel free to send your details through to us. As the Managing director, I take all engagements as a personal engagement and will ensure that you get the appropriate level of service you need. Feel free therefore to mail me directly on

Some Client Comments:

CG is a dilligent, trustworthy and resourceful assistant and will be an asset to any team. No task is too big or small to deal with effectively and professionaly. She is a pleasure to work with always!
JW is a professional project manager. Any project allocated is dealt with is a highly effective manner. Not only did he build an appropriate methodology to use in the business, but also implemented this with the team and it is an approach we use to this day.
BF helped us manage a complex tender process from beginning to finish. He never once complained when we changed the scope of requirements and simply got on and did the job.