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In today’s fast paced and highly competitive environment we can no longer afford to have skilled resources (including project and management resources) waiting for projects to happen. We need to have access to resources quickly but at the same time need to keep the costs to a minimum to survive in business today. Businesses need to evolve and re-act quickly to the ever changing demands on it and cannot afford to resource up "just in case". It goes one step even further in today's economy - you need to remain nimble and fast to re-act and therefore cannot afford to over complicate or layer too many resources for most back office functions either.
This is where iConsultant comes in. Our team is available when you need them and only when you need them. We have established a group of individuals that are all skilled at what they do and can offer a range of services to your business onsite or remotely. The pool of resources available to you has wide and varying skills and you contract with them only for the job you need them to do and when you need this to be done.


iConsultant provides you with resources on demand from our pool of skilled and experienced staff. No more paying for skills that you believe you may one day need and end up having that expensive resource on your books while waiting for the project to start.

The skills you need today could be waiting for you to call!

Our Experience Shows!

Projects planned never happen when you expect them - This is life! As business managers and owners we need to learn to deal with this. If we don't, we are placing the business at risk.


The challenges facing new businesses when they start up are almost identical to the more established businesses in today's environment. Simply put this challenge is, and will always remain, to balance the costs of running the business against the ever challenged revenue we receive. To do this we need to look at, what is for most companies, the biggest operational cost – our staff.


It is time for an evolution (or maybe even a revolution) in our way of thinking. Why should these costs for resources all be on our books permanently? Do we need to have staff on site to do this work and incur the additional monthly costs for building space, office equipment and the other necessary supporting costs for staff?


Given these issues that every business faces, we decided at iConsultant that it would be better to only use skills and facilities as and when we really need to. Why pay for what we do not need right now? Surely if we use something, only then should we need to pay for it?


Normal staff employment follows the traditional approach of recruiting, training and retaining staff for when they are needed. The results are skills that get out-dated, staff that are de-motivated, staff that are used for skills and tasks that they were not employed for, and at the end of the day we as business owners end up with a cost structure that does not make sense any longer.


iConsultant saw this issue and have built a network of people with a wide range of skills. These “virtual employees” of iConsultant are available to you on demand. Look at the “Our Company” section for an overview of the staff available to you and the skills and experience that they bring to your business and then contact us to find the right engagement model now and into the future.


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