The 3rd ICMEA Conference, 2010
                        Call for Speakers and Emerging Artist Competition


International Ceramic Magazine Editors Association

The 3rd ICMEA Conference, 2010

November 8-15, 2010

Fuping/Jingdezhen, China


Theme: Interpretation of Ceramics


(A catalog and proceedings of the conference will be printed)


I.  Call for Speakers:    Deadline: July 31, 2010


       Speeches should address topics such as critical writing, marketing, education, gallery/museum direction or other related topics. These talks should be maximum 20 minutes in length. All these should relate to the theme of this conference: Interpretation of Ceramics.


       Speakers are requested to prepare the following information in WORD format and send by email to Dr. I Chi Hsu before Deadline July 31, 2010.

 (E-mail address: )


    1. an abstract of the talk

    2. the title of the talk,

    3. a short biography,

    4. an image of yourself (300 dpi, 1 MB)


       ICMEA will select speakers before the end of August, 2010, and we will notify all applicants. The speaker should send the full text to Dr. Hsu for translation and publication before Deadline September 30, 2010.



        The selected speakers are invited to the conference in Fuping. Fuping will provide free accommodation and meals during the convention period; Fuping and ICMEA will not pay speakers fees or traveling costs (international and domestic). There is no conference fee for participants.

II. Call for Emerging Ceramic Artist Competition: 

     Deadline: June 30, 2010


Definition of Emerging Artists: Ceramic artists who have not been practicing  longer than eight years after finishing their training/studies and have never won a major competition.


To Enter:
1. Each artist may enter only one art work;
2. Four images from different angles of the piece to be submitted (in JPG format, 300 dpi and at least 1 MB in size);
3. The title, size and description of the work including materials, techniques, etc.
4. CV (no more than one page) and a short artist’s statement (< 200 words), all text to be in English in WORD format.
All the above information should be sent to the following e-mail address: before Deadline June 30, 2010.


First Round Judging Procedures and Conditions:
1. All received entries will be selected initially by: 
    Janet Mansfield (Australia), Bernd Pfannkucke (Germany), Elaine O. Henry (USA), 
    I Chi Hsu (China), Tina Byrne (Ireland), and Giovanni Mirulla (Italy).
2. A total of 60-100 applicants will be selected for the final competition. ICMEA will notify all artists before Deadline August 31, 2010.
3. All selected applicants should send their art work to ICMEA office in Fuping at artists’ cost.
    Postal address: 
Mr. XU Guoliang
        Fuping Pottery Art Village
        1 Qiaoshan Road
        Fuping, Shaanxi, China (postal code 700710)
        phone: +86-138-9259-1969
    Deadline for receiving the art work is September 30, 2010.


Final Jurying Procedures and Conditions:
1. All selected works will be exhibited at 2010 ICMEA Conference in Fuping. Ceramic magazine editors present will choose 10 Award winners on Nov. 7, 2010.
2. Entry to the competition is free. If the applicant is selected for final competition, he or she is invited to come to Fuping for the conference. Fuping will cover the artist’s lodging and meals during the conference period but not any traveling costs. Artists should notify Fuping by September 30, 2010 if they intend to be present.
3. Winners will be announced during the opening ceremony of the ICMEA Conference in Fuping, November 8, 2010.



The FuLe Prize will be given to 10 emerging artists for a free one month residency program in Fuping Pottery Art Village during 2011-2012. In addition, three cash prizes will be given to the top three of the ten emerging artists:
       Gold Prize: US$ 2000;  
Silver Prize: US$ 1500;
       Bronze Prize: US$ 1000.
Award winning art works will be retained by ICMEA for permanent exhibition. The residency award does not include traveling money but covers all the room/meals/studio facilities and reasonable working materials in the one month period. Artists will donate to FLICAM half of their finished work made during their residency. The other half of the work belongs to the artists. Artists can ship them back at their own expense or find a local gallery to sell the art work for them or donate to FLICAM.

Program of 3rd ICMEA Conference, 2010
Theme: Interpretation of Ceramics
主题: 陶艺的诠释

Nov. 07 (Sun)
18:00   All editors are requested to arrive Xian/Fuping before 6 pm
20:00   Editors’ view Emerging Artists’ Exhibition and vote for 10 Editor’s Choice Awards

Nov. 08 (Mon)
10:00   Grand opening and viewing the Emerging Artists’ Exhibition;
           FLICAM’s 13 museums will be open for viewing;
           Opening of the East European Ceramic Art Museum and viewing
12:00   Lunch 午餐
14:00   Two Keynote speeches (45 min. each, with 30 min. coffee break)
           Chair: Janet Mansfield (Australia) 
           两位主题演讲。主席:珍妮特 曼斯费德(澳大利亚)
           1. ICMEA 2008-2010 Term President, Bernd Pfannkuche (Germany)
           2. Mr. Yuqian Chen, Vice-president and editor of Jingdezhen Ceramic College (China) 
16:00   Awards announcement and the presentations by selected artists
19:00   Dinner party 晚宴

Nov. 09 (Tue)
08:30 - 10:10    Five lectures (each 20 minutes), followed by 15 minutes discussion
                      Chair: Elaine O. Henry (USA)
10:25 - 10:40    Coffee break 休息
10:40 - 12:00    Five lectures (each 20 minutes), followed by 15 minutes discussion
                      Chair: Giovanni Mirulla (Italy)
12:15     Lunch 午餐
13:15     Visit Terra Cotta Warriors and Xian Museum

Nov. 10 (Wed)
08:30 - 10:15    Panel Discussion, by 6 speakers (15 minutes each), followed by 15 minutes discussion
                       Chair: Coll Minogue (Ireland) / Robert Sanderson (UK) 
                      论坛,六位演讲人,各15分钟。 有15分钟讨论。
                      主席: 科明儒格(爱尔兰)、罗伯特桑德森(英国)
10:30 - 10:45    Coffee break 休息
10:45 – 12:25    Two lectures (each 20 minutes), followed by 35 min. Open Topics Discussion
                       Chair: Tina Byrne (Ireland) 
                       1. Gabi Dewald (Germany) 伽比德瓦(德国)
                       2. Antonio Vivas (Spain) 安东尼维瓦斯(西班牙)
12:00     Lunch午餐
13:00 – 17:00    Editors report on the development of ceramic art in their country or region (15 minutes each) 
20:00     Business Meeting (editors only)  陶艺主编业务会议(仅陶艺主编参加)

Nov. 11 (Thu)
Excursions 参观行程: 
Morning:     Visit Dingzhou Kiln site
Afternoon:  Visit Chen Lu, the mountain top pottery village
19:00     Evening Party & Fireworks 晚会及烟火

Nov. 12 (Fri)
07:00     Visit Hanyang Tomb and Underground Palace Museum on the way to airport
12:00     Leave Xian to Nanchang/Jingdezhen for Closing Ceremony Meeting and tour nearby ceramic sites 

Nov. 13 (Sat)
Morning:     Meeting
Afternoon:  Visit antique market and other interesting places

Nov. 14 (Sun)
Visit nearby sites, including Yaoli, Old kiln, Kaolinite site 参观附近瑶里、老窑等

Nov. 15 (Mon)
Morning:     Closing ceremony
Night:        Arrive Shanghai

Nov. 16 (Tue)
Leave for home. If participants wish to stay in Shanghai or China for more days, book your own return home flight accordingly.

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