Minutes of Editors' Business Meeting
The meeting commenced at 8pm.
Present: Janet Mansfield (chair), Vicki Grima (minutes), Ichi Hsu, Monica  Gass,
             Giovannni Mirula, Lo Ying Yin, Chen Yuqian, Wu Ming
Apologies: Gabi Dewald, Bernd Pfannkuche, Coll Minogue, Robert Sanderson, Michael

Janet Mansfield opened the meeting expressing thanks to both Ichi Hsu both for initiating the ICMEA group and for continuing the meetings, and to Fuping Village for its generous hospitality. She explained the background of the group, its aims according to the Fuping Declaration, and how it was established three years prior in 2003. It was agreed that editors of ceramics-based magazines could work together in promoting ceramics for the future.

1. Appointment of New Chairperson
The role of chairperson rotates on a three yearly basis. Bernd Pfannkuche was nominated and seconded to take on the role of chairperson for the next three years. A phone call from the meeting established that he was willing to take on this position.

2. Planning for the Next Three Years
Chen Yuqian suggested that the next triennial ICMEA meeting be split between Jingderzhen and Fuping. This was agreed to and Chen will make the necessary arrangements and invitation to hold the first two days of the conference in Jingderzhen. The Ceramic Institute in Jingderzhen will undertake the organization for the first two days, they are keen to cooperate and build on their position in world ceramics. To hold a meeting for 80 people will be possible.

3. Website
Ichi Hsu announced that, following a request from members that the website contain more information, he has appointed a person to upgrade the site, setting up the site as independent from FLICAM (the organising body at Fuping). All magazines will be linked to this website.

4. Emerging Artists Exhibition
This was agreed to be successful and should continue. All editors present met on the first evening and selected the prizes. Ten residencies were awarded and gold, silver and bronze medals decided. Please refer to addendum for the list of prize winners. It was suggested that the emerging artists attending be encouraged to give a presentation on their work. (This subsequently happened on the final evening of the conference.) All editors agreed to continue to advertise and otherwise promote the exhibition. A catalogue could be produced. It was felt that the emerging artists could take a more prominent part of the event.

5. Membership
It was suggested that membership be enlarged to include profession associate members, for example, writers, curators, and entrepreneurs who could give money. It was felt that the core group of editors should remain. There should be no fees so that the group could remain inclusive of all editors (including internet magazine editors). It was agreed that the membership to ICMEA be open to interested parties and an application form be prepared.

6. Information Research Centre
This centre was launched during the grand opening of the ICMEA conference (an event which coincided with the opening of the Emerging Artists Exhibition and the Canadian Museum) The Centre houses ceramic-based magazine for the past three years (and more) plus books and catalogues. Upstairs there is a reading room, a video and DVD room and an Internet research facility. It is hoped this will act as a research centre for all persons interested in ceramic art.

7. Other matters
  • Resident artists working at Fuping be encouraged to stay for the ICMEA conference and talk about their work.
  • All magazines could carry ‘news’ items about ICMEA activities
  • Continue to plan that members meet at various international ceramic events. See attached addendum of known events. This list could be added to on a regular basis.
  • Include publishers of ceramic books as associates.
  • Aim for more academic exchanges.
  • Prepare a DVD about Fuping for overseas students.
  • ICMEA could be a link for all artist residency programs.
  • A newsletter emailed quarterly could be established.
  • That all of the sixteen speakers who submitted abstracts of their talks came to Fuping is to be commended. All of these talks were of a professional quality and the discussion that ensued was valuable and thought-provoking. All enjoyed the hospitality of Fuping and it is sure that they will go home enriched and willing to promote ICMEA and FLICAM in the future.
  • That all editors be encouraged to attend ICMEA in 2010. Two days in Jingderzhen, three days in Fuping.

The meeting closed at 10pm with all expressing thanks to FLICAM and Mr Xu promising to continue his support for ICMEA.

Calendar of coming activities where magazine editors could hold informal meetings.

  • Collect, London. February 2008
  • Ceramic Art London March 2008
  • Taiwan Biennale, April 2008
  • Woodfire Australia April 2008
  • NCECA US, March, annual
  • SOFA NY and Chicago, May and November
  • Bandol, France, Easter time.
  • National Australian Conference July 2009
  • Aberystwyth Wales June 2009
  • Gulgong Australia 2010

Complete List of Ceramic Magazine Editors

Prize winners, Emerging Artists Exhibition