ICMEA 2007 Conference Program

11/05/2007 (Mon)
            All editors are required to arrive Xian / Fuping before 6 pm.
20:00    Editors view the Emerging Artists Exhibitions and voting for 10 Editor’s Choice
11/06/2007 (Tue) 
10:00    Grand opening and view the Emerging Artists Exhibition 
            - FLICAM’s French Museum, Scandinavia Museum, Australasia Museum and
               USA Museum will be opened for viewing;
            - Opening of the Ceramic Art Museum of Canada, and viewing Canada
            - Opening of the ICMEA Information Center, and viewing ICMEA Information
12:00    Lunch午餐
14:00    Two keynote speeches (45 min. each, with 30 min. coffee break)
            Chair: Janet Mansfield (Australia)
            1.  Ms. Gabi Dewald, Term President, ICMEA 2005-2007 (Germany)
            2. Mr. HAN Meilin, Editor, China Ceramic Artists (China)
16:00    Awards Announcement and introduction for the winners of the 2nd Emerging
            Artists Exhibition
19:00    Dinner party 晚宴
11/07/2007 (Wed) 
08:30 - 10:10    Five lectures, each 20 minutes. Followed by 15 minutes discussion. 
                       Chair: Monica Gass (Germany)
                    1. Brad Evan Taylor: “Art, Ceramics, Environment, and Site Specificity”
                    2. Ian Christopher Wilson: “The Studio, The Factory and the Dinning
                    3. Margaret O’Rorke: “Translucent Porcelain with Light Studio Potter and
                        Independent Designer”
                    4. Peter Assmann: “Earth Architecture – On the Issue of sites and model
                        discussions in ceramic art” 
                    5. Andrew Livingstone: “Authenticity: Repositioned Familiarity and the
                        Contribution to Expansion. Ceramic Practice and the Digital
10:25 - 10:40    Coffee break 休息
10:40 - 12:00    Five lectures, each 20 minutes. Followed by 15 minutes discussion.
                       Chair: Giovanni Mirulla (Italy)
                    6. Ray Chen: “Cultural Influence: From Traditional Expression to Modern
                    7. Ruth Park: “Body Language : Ceramics to Challenge the White World”
                    8. Wendy Tuxill: “Appreciation of Ceramics:A Critical Approach to
                        Processing Practice”
                    9. James Crabb: “One Culture: Exploring Science, Art and Creativity in
                    10. Anne-Bridget Gary:
12:15    Lunch 午餐
13:15    Visit Terra Cotta Warriors and Xian Museum 参观兵马俑及西安博物馆
11/08/2007 (Thu)
08:30 - 10:15    Panel: “Now and the Future – from regional aspects” 
                       by 7 speakers, 15 minutes each. Followed by 15 minutes discussion
                       Chair: Coll and Robert (Ireland, UK)
                    1.  Aaron Milavec: “Smoke on the Mountain – Maya Mexicans Making 
                        Pottery with Bare feet and Bold hands”
                    2.  Yoon, Du-hyun: “Now and Future of Korean Ceramic Art Critics”
                    3.  Avi Amesbury: “Global Marketing: Connecting the sector through 
                    4.  Mokoto: “Evolving Tradition”
                    5.  Robert Reason: “The Art Gallery of South Australia: Collecting South
                        Australian ceramics”
                    6.  Mei-ling Hom and David McClelland: “Contemporary Korean Ceramics”
                    7.  Monica Gass: “Artists, Magazine and Museum – view from Germany
10:30 - 10:45    Coffee break 休息
10:45 - 12:25    Two lectures, each 20 minutes.  Followed by 35 minutes Open Topics
                       Chair: Janet Mansfield
                    1.  白明 BAI Ming
                    2.  秦锡麟 QIN Xiling
12:00    Lunch 午餐
13:00 - 17:00    Editors report the development of ceramic art of their country or
                      region (15 minutes each editor)
20:00    Business Meeting (editors only) 陶艺主编业务会议(仅陶艺主编参加)
11/09/2007 (Fri) 
参观行程 Excursion: 
Morning:     Visit Yaozhou Ceramic Museum; Lunch at Tongchuan
Afternoon:     Visit Chen Lu, the mountain top Pottery Village
19:00    Closing Ceremony & Fireworks 闭幕式及烟火
11/10/2007 (Sat) 
07:00     Visit Hanyang tomb and Underground Palace Museum on the way to airport
12:00    Back to Home Country, or participate Post Conference Tour to Longquan