International Ceramic Magazine Editors’ Association
2004 Fuping Declaration
1. To help secure the future development of world ceramic art.
2. To promote understanding of each country’s ceramic art, activities and technology.

3. To enhance international ceramic information exchange and theoretical research at a
    high standard.
4. To promote international ceramic exchange through the internet and website links.
5. To recommend young emerging ceramic artists from various countries through 
6. To hold a symposium in Fuping every three years on a designated theme.
7. FLICAM will build a documentary centre for ICMEA.
8. Editors will remain independent as to the content and policy of their magazines.
9. To encourage all editors of ceramic magazines to join ICMEA.
    Signed by Founding Members 创会成员签名
        Janet Mansfield
        Gabi Dewald
        I Chi Hsu许以祺
        Gerry Williams
        Bernd Pfannkuche
        Coll Minogue
        Robert Sanderson
        Michael Guassardo
        Kim Tae-Wan金泰完