Minutes of the Editors' Meeting

The Editors' Meeting
Fuping, August 23, 2004 (Editors Only)
The meeting opened at 11 am in Fuping Village Pottery Hotel.
Present members:
Janet Mansfield (chair), Ichi Hsu, Gabi Dewald, Michael Guassardo, Gerry Williams, Coll Minogue, Robert Sanderson, Bernd Pfankuche, Kim Tae Won
Apologies: Kostas Tarkassis, Sylvie Girard, Sherman Hall, Matsuyama, Anne Li.
Dr. Ichi Hsu circulated a document proposed by the Fule International Ceramic Art Museums (FLICAM) outlining our purposes, organisation, time-frame and conditions. This document was passed to all editors.  Every present editor was asked to read the paper and then decide:

1. If we wish to form an association of editors; and if so,
2. How often we should meet;
3. Where that meeting should be held.
After lengthy discussion we agree that, yes, we would form an association, that we felt that we should meet each three years in Fuping although there could be interim meetings in alternate places, perhaps associated with another event at which a number of us would be present.
Discussion continued around our purposes as individual editors who have specific goals, who know our own constituencies (readers and writers), and would not be compromised by such a group endeavour. It was felt that we could broaden our outlook and experience by meeting and continuing regular communication with each other.  Dr. Ichi Hsu spoke of the generosity of the Fuping company and we all agreed that we had received bountiful hospitality and that the future promised well for international ceramics. Additional treats such as the shadow play, the opera singing, the factory demonstrations and the tours to Xian and Chenlu were much appreciated. We also appreciated the opportunity to display our magazines.

Further discussion revolved around the need for seeking a new level of professionalism, for more analytical articles, about payment for articles, and covering new ground. Debate was held as to whether we should include writers at our meeting and the general consensus was yes. After discussion we decided:
1. That the group be known as ICMEA (International Ceramic Magazine Editor’s
2. To encourage all editors of ceramic magazines to join.
3. To restrict the first three days of our meetings to editors and writers and then
    throw open the meeting to artists, students and all interested.
4. To include writers at our general meetings.
5. Writers to be invited to address specific topics at the meeting.
6. To hold a half-day meeting for editors only.
7. To send free subscriptions of all our magazines to Fuping and assist in building up
    the research library (Documentary Museum) in Fuping with other publications.
8. To form an executive council comprised of Janet Mansfield, Gabi Dewald, Ichi Hsu
    and Kostas Tarkassis.
9. To appoint a new chairperson each tri-annual meeting.  Gabi Dewald was nominated
    and she accepted the position for the following three years.  This is seen as a
    rotation office.  The chairperson will be responsible for the theme of that meeting.
10. To sign the Fuping Declaration.  All members present signed as Founding Members.
The meeting closed at 2pm.
Janet Mansfield, Chairperson (August 23, 2004)
1. 成立《国际陶艺杂志主编协会》,简称ICMEA;
2. 鼓励所有陶艺杂志主编加入成为会员;
3. 协会开会时,限制前三天是主编会议,然后将会议开放给其他的艺术家、学生,以及其他有兴趣参
4. 作者及评论家经主编推荐可成为会员;
5. 邀请作者或评论家在大会发表专题演讲;
6. 大会有半天是只为主编安排讨论主编业务;
7. 要求所有陶艺杂志赠送全套杂志给富平,以帮助富平建立陶艺研究图书馆;
8. 设立理事会,由珍妮曼斯费尔德、伽碧德娃、许以祺、科斯达斯塔卡西斯四人担任;
9. 每三年一次的大会设轮值主席,由理事轮流担任。伽碧德娃当选为新任的三年主席(2005-
10. 签署《富平宣言》,所有与会主编签名,并成为建会会员。