Here in Inglewood, we could be affected by any number of hazards that may occur in the region.
An emergency affecting our community can be caused by something as small as a traffic incident, through to something as large as a volcanic eruption.
We can't stop these emergencies from happening - but together we can reduce the impact and ensure that that as a community we are able to get through and manage on our own if emergency services are unable to come to our aid immediately.
A community plan committee has been established to help ensure that the Inglewood community is able to prepare for and get through any emergencies that occur in the area. We are in the process of developing a Community Emergency Plan and to do this we need your help.
For this plan to be successful we need:
  • To be able to contact you in an emergency
  • To identify those members of the community who may need extra help in an emergency
  • To identify skills and resources we have available in our community
If you would like to complete a form online to (confidentially) share your information with us, then click below.