Hurghada to Luxor Day Trip

Hurghada to Luxor Day Trip

Egypt has a history far older than many of us realize. Egypt was already considered an ancient civilization, with Hurghada to Luxor Day Trip have the chance to explore one of the eldest cities in Egypt and the rich one of Pharaonic Heritage concerning Temples, Monuments and more with Luxor Tours from Hurghada, With such a far-reaching history, it can be tough to know where to start. But let’s begin at the beginning and explore Luxor’s history by breaking it down by the period with Luxor Trip from Hurghada.

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What an incredible way to see the Valley of the Kings with Tours from Hurghada to Luxor. Fly over the tombs and monuments of ancient Egypt aboard a hot air balloon. The wind dictates where you go and what you see, so there isn't a flight is ever the same. Then get the chance with Hurghada to Luxor Day Trip to explore Valley of the Kings from inside while walking through old tombs carved into the mountain, while the treasure has now all gone, the tombs contain the most incredible paintings of the life of their incumbent and stories from the Book of the Dead and more with Luxor Excursions from Hurghada.

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Enjoy an excursion to the famous Colossi of Memnón with Trip to Luxor from Hurghada. They used to stand at the front of a temple that no longer exists. Check out ancient graffiti discussing the status! Also with Luxor Day Trip from Hurghada visit to the impressive Funerary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, which seems to rise out of the surrounding limestone outcrops, it's a reminder of the power women held in the Ancient Kingdom and more with Day Trip to Luxor from Hurghada.

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In addition to Luxor Tour from Hurghada enjoy a visit to the Karnak Temple, which was once the center of all religious life in Ancient Egypt History. Built and extended by successive generations of rulers, admire the amazing architecture, massive columns, and painted hieroglyphs and more to know with Hurghada to Luxor Day Trip.

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Moreover, with Excursions from Hurghada to Luxor take in the beauty of the Luxor temple, an architectural splendor located near the Nile and right in the center of downtown Luxor. It's spectacularly lit in the evenings and well worth a visit while experience Hurghada to Luxor Day Trip.

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