Hot Air Balloon Luxor

Hot Air Balloon Luxor

If you plan for a memorable tour when you visit Luxor, there is no competition when take off at first light, reinforced wicker baskets filled with people, heading into the skies over Luxor, Egypt with Hot Air Balloon Luxor, Only from a balloon high in the sky, in the clear air of the early morning, can a visitor begin to grasp the beauty of antiquities on the ground in this one-time Egyptian capital known in ancient times as Thebes and more to see with Luxor Balloon.

Hot Air Balloon Luxor

Luxor Balloon Ride offering a chance to soar over Luxor city and see the sunrise from the sky it is a magical experience do not miss, your ride through the sky will last about an hour and is sure to be a thrilling time and more with Luxor Air Balloon.

Luxor Balloon Ride

With Hot Air Balloon Ride Luxor explore the city in southern Egypt is one of the world’s largest outdoor museums, boasting majestic Pharaonic temples on the east bank of the Nile River and heavily adorned tombs of some of the best-known ancient kings including Tutankhamen and more with Balloon Ride Luxor.

Luxor Balloon

The path of the brightly colored balloons is determined by prevailing winds. On the Luxor Balloon Flights, the silence is broken only by the whoosh of the gas burners and the occasional exclamations from tourists awed by the sights, The details of life in rural Egypt come into view as the balloon begins its descent, with farmers toiling in the fields and children heading to school in the dusty roads of the west bank and more with Luxor Hot Air Balloon Ride.

Luxor Air Balloon

A life experience you will have through your Balloon Ride in Luxor Egypt, A dedicated ground crew riding a rugged truck tracks each balloon. The trucks maneuver in anticipation of the landing spot. Once the balloon touches down, all people hurry to grab ropes to prevent it from taking off again or moving sideways and more fun you will have with Balloon Excursion in Luxor.

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