Giza Pyramids, Sakkara and Dahshur Tours

Giza Pyramids, Sakkara and Dahshur Tours

When you visit Cairo experience Giza Pyramids, Sakkara and Dahshur Tours with Ibis Egypt Tours, feel ravishing with the amazement of Giza Pyramids, scout the glorious if Saqqara Step Pyramids and find around the most gleaming parts of Dahshur Pyramid and more with Full Day Tour to Pyramids of Giza, Sakkara, and Dahshur Pyramids.

Giza Pyramids

Most people, if asked about pyramids, will tell you that they are at Giza. With Day Trip to Giza Pyramids, Saqqara and Dahshur have the chance to scout around fascinating finds of Pyramids of Giza, They are the most famous, also is the tallest and the easiest visited of all. In total Egypt counts over 100 different pyramids at various places. Pyramids are the tombs of the pharaohs of ancient Egypt built from bricks. And more to explore with Ibis Egypt Tours.

Dahshur Pyramid

Almost 50 kilometers south of Cairo on the west bank of the Nile you will find the pyramids of Dahshur. Experience Pyramids of Giza, Saqqara and Dahshur Pyramid Day Trip from Cairo with Ibis Egypt Tours, move to the site of Dahshur Pyramid This pyramid is said to be a failure of the pharaoh Sneferu and he build a new one next to it called the Red Pyramid.

Saqqara Pyramid

In addition with Giza Pyramids, Saqqara and Dahshur Pyramid Day Tours have the opportunity to visit Saqqara Pyramid, Unleash your inner adventure while scout around the most gleaming finds of the site of Saqqara Pyramid, which is consider one of the oldest structure in the world which dates back to 2700 B.C and more to know and explore with Ibis Egypt Tours.

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