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   Welcome to Egypt The land of Pharaoh , beauty ,history, Culture , Civilization and more you will explore with Ibis Egypt tours, don’t be hesitate and discover Egypt treasures in best Egypt Tours with different Packages, spend amazing vacation with Red Sea Holidays, experience Egypt history with best Egypt Classic tours and enjoy wonderful Tours with Low Fees with best Egypt budget tours and don’t miss the Opportunity to explore Egypt Holy Land Tours in and Out Egypt , and if you are Safari Lovers , don’t miss our Safari Tours and more with Ibis Egypt Tours .

If you are looking For best tours to explore Egypt, you have to browse our Egypt Classic Tours to explore most historical Sites with different Egypt Tours includes Cairo, Nile Cruise, and Sharm, enjoy best things to do in Egypt with this magic Nile Cruise Tours that Sails between Aswan and Luxor , explore Aswan that being one of the favorite places for tourists to visit, explore Philae Temple of Isis and The Unfinished Obelisk of Queen Hatshepsut and Sail to Kom Ombo the double Shared temple of , then Continue Sailing to Edfu where you will Know the more about the Conflict that was between Hours and his Uncle Seth , visit Luxor attractions in East and West bank , discover Luxor Temple that dedicated to triad of Thebes then Scout to Karnak Temple the most huge, Stare between Pylons and halls of this wonderful temple ,don’t miss the chance to explore west bank attractions Like Hatshepsut Temple of Queen Hatshepsut that backs to The New Kingdom also explore Colossi of Memnon the Huge Sitting Statues and visit the Valley of The Kings that contains royal tombs for Kings and Nobles .

Feast your eyes with flourishing Sites of Egypt in Short time ,enjoy every moment through Egypt Tours to explore Cairo and Luxor in Short time , enjoy ravishing tours to Cairo ,Visit Cairo Highlights Like Giza Pyramids that dated to The Old Kingdom and belongs to powerful three Kings Cheops, Chephren and Mycerinus also you Can Stare between galleries of The Egyptian Museum that Full of Original masterpieces dates to different eras , then travel to Luxor City and explore Karnak temple that includes massive Hypostyle Hall which Contains about 134 Column in 16 rows, Scout to Luxor Temple one of the most attractive highlights in Egypt also visit Hatshepsut temple to feast your eyes with reliefs of divine birth of Queen Hatshepsut then visit the Valley of The Kings and Valley of Queens the royal necropolises through the New Kingdom .

    Enjoy amazing adventure Combine between tours in Egypt and Jordan , with this awesome Package you will explore Egypt Tours in Cairo Sightseeing and to (Luxor – Edfu _ Kom Ombo _ Aswan ) in memorable Nile Cruise tours , Prepare yourself to explore Jordan Highlights, visit Petra which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World where you will feast your eyes with beauty of this Red Rose City , also enjoy Camel or Hours rid and touch beauty of the desert in Wadi Rum tours to explore this magic valley .

There are many Egypt Tours Such as
Egypt Classic Tours
Egypt Jordan Tours
Red Sea Vacations
Honeymoon in Egypt
Egypt Holy Land Tours
Spiritual Tours To Egypt

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