Egypt Day Trips

Be Happy and amazed with most great sightseeing in Egypt excursion while you can visit the most great attractions of Egypt with Ibis Egypt tours such as enjoy the walking in the Cairo street, amuse your eyes to the wonders and Temples of LuxorAswan, and amuse yourself by the excursions in Sharm El ShiekhHurghada, and Maras Alam.

In Egypt day trips you will have the chance to enjoy Cairo day tours, it is where you really get to feel about Egyptian street life. No day trips from Cairo will be completed without visiting Great Pyramids, Sphinx, Egyptian museum, Dahshur Pyramid, Sakkara Step Pyramid, Memphis City, and other Coptic and Islamic attraction in old Cairo like Saladin citadel, Muhammad Ali Mosque, Coptic museum, Babylon Fortress, the Hanging church, Ben Azra Synagogue and Abu Serga Church and more with Ibis Egypt tours.

During your amazing trip in Egypt day tours you have the chance to catch day trip to Luxor, it is allow you to relax and see the sights of Luxor. Visit Karnak temple and Luxor Temple, the Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens, Hatshepsut Temple, Kom Ombo, Edfu. Let’s visit the pace that has a great monuments and ancient Egyptian spots and enjoy with Aswan tours. In Aswan day trips  you can visit the Royal Tombs of Aswan-Nobles built a necropolis of rock cut tombs on the high cliffs on the West bank of the Nile, you can also visit Aswan High Dam, unfinished obelisk, Philae Island and temple, and ride a felucca around Elephantine Island.

with Trips in Egypt Enjoy also by the most crystal-clear water, underwater coral reefs and amazing world of color and beauty don’t miss to try Sharm El Sheikh excursion, Sharm ElSheikh is overlooking at the mouth of the Gulf of Aqaba. It has strategic importance and consider one of the amazing destination in the World, in Sharm El Sheikh tours relax at the sunny beaches, try different water activities such as snorkeling, swimming and diving, enjoy sandy beaches, pristine water and affordable accommodation that are the main attractions, the experience excursions to St Catherine, Colored Canyon, Glass boat, Submarine, ride Quad Biking, Moses Mountain, and more with excursions from Sharm El Sheikh and Holidays.

With ibis Egypt tours Visit Hurghada city, it is one of the amazing beach resorts takes place in eastern part of Egypt, With Hurghada excursions you can enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling to explore underwater life at the fascinating Red Sea, Safari at desert, additionally Ibis Egypt Tours offer wide range of Hurghada day trips such as Alf Leila Wa Leila show it’s great show will start to give you some information about the Egyptian history art. Also we provide tours to Marsa Alam . Marsa Alam is a main tourism sightseeing located east-south of Egypt, In Marsa Alam the dive sites are accessible for experienced divers. See the healthy and colored coral reefs and the wide range of underwater wildlife such as dolphins which is consider one of the principal factors of Marsa Alam. From Marsa Alam you can enjoy by Luxor tours from Marsa Alam, Cairo tours from Marsa Alam by air, Cairo and Luxor tours from Marsa Alam by flight, overnight Cairo day tours from Marsa Alam by air, Aswan tour from Marsa Alam by vehicle, and trip to dolphin house in Marsa Alam.

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