Egypt Christmas Tours

Egypt Christmas Tours
Egypt Christmas Tours

      Celebrate an amazing and different New year with Ibis Egypt Tours which Offers you best Egypt Christmas Tours full of wonderful tours to live in an amazing atmosphere through having awesome Packages to explore most important historical Sites Such as Abu Simbel and Cairo , also through New 
Year Travel Packages you have the Chance to try an amazing Nile Cruise to explore Egypt Treasures 
you will be able to enjoy an amazing Christmas Holiday through Hurghada and Alexandria .

Kom Ombo Temple
Kom Ombo Temple 
Escape the Crowed and enjoy Spending an amazing time through best Egypt Christmas Tours which 
offers you an awesome Nile Cruise Sailing between Luxor and Aswan via the great Nile river , you will 
Fill yourself with nature ,Culture , Civilization and history , amuse your eyes with wonderful landscapes 
for the green banks and Colorful houses through your memorable excursions via the Nile .Prepare yourself
 to explore Karnak Temple the most huge temple in Egypt , explore Luxor Temple which dedicated to the triad of Thebes , explore west bank treasures Such as Hatshepsut Temple which locates at El Deir El
 Bahari then explore The Valley of the Kings , Sail to Edfu where you will explore Edfu Temple of Hours then Continue Sailing to Kom Ombo to explore the double Shared Temple of Sobek and Hours the Elder , enjoy exploring Aswan attractions like Philae Temple which had been built through Roman Period and dedicated to Isis the Pharaonic goddess and explore the great high Dam which built to Protect Egypt from any disaster . 
Christmas Holiday in Hurghada
Christmas Holiday in Hurghada 
Build a wonderful memory about Egypt through our Christmas Holiday to have entertainment , Fun and relaxation through Hurghada beach , Chill out and prepare yourself for different New year through touching and exploring the beauty of the red Sea ,explore the Underwater world which full of many hidden secrets , you can explore it through Water activities like swimming , diving and Snorkeling in Crystal Water, amuse your eyes with amazing landscapes full of the Coral Reefs which is well –known in the red Sea , many types of Colorful Fish and wonderful turtles.
Cairo Tours In New Year
Cairo Tours In New Year
Increase your experience about Egypt through New Year Tours which helps you to enjoy wonderful Cairo Day Tours, explore Giza Three Pyramids which had been built through the Old Kingdom and belongs to king Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinus , then visit The Sphinx which Consist of human head and Lion body also you will explore Memphis the ancient Egyptian Capital , explore Saqqara Site where you will Visit the Step Pyramid of Zoser , also you have the Chance to explore the Alabaster Mosque of Mohamed Ali Bash , don’t miss the Chance to enjoy an amazing trip to explore The Egyptian Museum which Contain 120,000 valuable masterpiece dates to different eras 

There are many tours through Egypt Christmas Tours Such as 
  • Cairo Tours In New Year 
  • 4 Days New Year Nile Cruise Tours 
  • 5 Days New Year Nile Cruise Tours 
  • Cairo And Nile Cruise New Year Offer By Train 
  • Cairo Aswan And Nile Cruise New Year Offer By Air 
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