Egypt and Jordan Tour

With Ibis Egypt tours unleash your inner adventurer while scout around the gleaming finds of Egypt and Jordan in one package, with Egypt and Jordan Tours allow yourself to be pampered with plenty of Jordan Tours which designed to feast your eyes with the glory of Petra, Wadi Rum, moreover touch the sky while explore Egypt and it’s amazing landmarks and more with Egypt Jordan Tours.

Ibis Egypt tours offer many different of Jordan and Egypt tours such as Cairo Nile Cruise and Petra toursAncient Egypt and Petra tours, and Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh and Jordan tours.

First with Jordan and Egypt tours, If you ever wanted to explore the remaining wonders of history and the majesty of old civilization, With Cairo Nile Cruise and Petra Tours enjoy the gleaming finds of Giza Pyramids, then explore the flourishing panoramic view of Karnak Temple, feast your eyes with Montazah Palace, walkthrough the history at Petra, then enjoy floating at Dead Sea and more Egypt and Jordan combined tours.

Also we Ancient Egypt and Petra tours provide to explore the passage of time on this Egypt Jordan Tours that shows you the past and present of Egypt and Jordan incredible charm and irresistible sights, Ancient ruins, beautiful cities, scout around the main landmarks of Egypt like Giza Pyramids,  Sakkara, Memphis city, valley temple, sphinx, Egyptian Museum, stare at Karnak Temple pillars, then head to scout around the breathtaking Petra the rose city.

With Egypt and Jordan tour packages explore the natural beauty, fascinating culture of Egypt and Jordan through this remarkable Egypt and Jordan Tour Packages, scout around gleaming tours to Egypt and Jordan, Touch the gleaming parts of ancient Pharaonic at Hatshepsut Temple, stare at Karnak Temple pillars, valley of the kings, valley of the Queens, Colossi of Memnon, Luxor temple,  then head out towards Petra the rose city and more with Egypt and Jordan travel packages.

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