Cairo Things to do

Cairo Things to do

Gain a new valuable experience about the most historical sites in Egypt through Cairo Day Tours with Ibis Egypt Tours and enjoy many tours through Cairo Things to do which helps you to explore Cairo , Old
Cairo ,Luxor and Aswan in very nice Nile Cruise , St .Catherine and Alexandria in wonderful tours to live in The Egyptian history and Civilization .

Giza Three Pyramids

During Cairo Things to do  , you will have the opportunity to Visit Giza Three Pyramids which back to the Old Kingdom and was the royal tombs of king Cheops , Chephren and Mykerunies , also you will visit The mighty Sphinx which consist of a human head and lion body where you will take memorable photos in Panoramic view with Pyramids and Sphinx , then prepare yourself for amazing trip to The Egyptian Museum
which located at El Tahrir Square and contains about 120,000 masterpieces , you will have the chance to see Chephren Statue with the Falcon ,  Stela of Narmer and Tutankhamun's Treasures .
Hatchepsut Temple
Hatchepsut Temple 
Amuse your eyes through Cairo Tours and have the Chance to explore Luxor Sightseeing , you will visit luxor Temple which famous with the Hep Sed festival and Karnak Temple of the main god Amoun Ra where you will enjoy entering to the huge Hypostyle Hall which includes about 134 massive column in different two high , then enjoy visiting the third traces temple of the queen Hatchepsut at El Deir El Bahari where you will amuse your eyes with wonderful decorations for the myth of her divine birth and her journey to Punt . then amuse your eyes with watching the two massive Statues ( Memnon Statues ) , then prepare yourself to visit the royal necropolis of the new kingdom ( The Valley of the Kings ) which include the royal tomb of the Child king Tutankhamoun

St . Antony Monastery
St . Antony Monastery
Try wonderful tours to monasteries  at El Zafarana through Tours from Cairo  in an amazing Tour to St. Anthony and St. Paul Monasteries, in the first you will visit the Christian Monastery of St .Antony who was the first monk , then will enjoy making another religion trip to visit Paul Monastery which was known as The Tigers Monastery

Mohamed Ali Mosque
Mohamed Ali Mosque 
Enjoy a wonderful tour to visit Old Cairo through Cairo Tours and Excursions to visit Coptic and Islamic Sightseeing, where you will be amazed by the sightseeing that you will visit , you have the Opportunity to visit Mohamed Ali Mosque ( The Alabaster Mosque ) also you will visit Salah El Dein Citadel
then amuse your eyes with wonderful Icons in the Hanging Church which called El Moalka Church then visit Abu Serga Church and Ibn Ezra Synagogue .

There are many fantastic tours through Cairo Things to do such as :
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