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There’s so much to do in Aswan and there’s no way to do it all in one visit. Use our Aswan Tours to help you find the best things to do for you! If you are hoping to experience the city with ease and avoid the hustle and bustle of the main streets, then another ideal option would be Aswan Holidays right through the heart of the city. If you have visited the city before and have seen and done it all, then Ibis Egypt Tours would suggest you explore the variety of tours that will help you to explore the most Things to Do in Aswan.

Felucca Nile River, Aswan Tours

Enjoy Aswan Sightseeing of this wonderful city that was the source of marble for many of ancient Egypt's grand buildings. Close to town, in one of these ancient quarries, lies a gigantic unfinished obelisk cut out of local stone. Also, be the witness of the High Dam, the Philae Temple, and Unfinished Obelisk Tour with Aswan Things to do.

High Dam, Aswan Holiday

With Aswan Day Tours enjoy every step you take on Aswan you feel her story and can only imagine what it truly must have been like hiding in the secret annex for two years. It is one of Aswan Travel most popular tourist stops, and you’ll likely find yourself shedding a tear or two as you leave. I would highly recommend this visit or you can try Aswan Felucca Ride to escape the crowds, enjoy fresh air, and feel ravishing at the Nile River and more with Aswan Excursions.

Things to do in Aswan

In addition with Aswan Tours enjoy an amazing day in Aswan with Ibis Egypt Tours to get more knowledge about Nubian lifestyle and more with Nubian Village Tour from Aswan, experience this gleaming chance to scout around the simple and normal life of Nubians, feast your eyes with the color of their houses, schools and more with Aswan Holidays.

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