Alexandria Shore Excursions

Tours and Excursions from Alexandria Port

With Ibis Egypt tours enjoy by Alexandria shore excursionAlexandria is a fascinating unique and diversity destination, with Alexandria Shore Excursions feel the charming with this amazing city, where you can explore Qaitbay Citadel, stare at Montazah Palace, then head out towards to visit the gleaming find of Cairo like DahshurDahshur is an area not far from Giza, it is the site of the first ever built pyramid, and a must to be seen in Dahshur is the Dahshur pyramids was an extremely important learning experience for the Egyptians the idea to build a pyramid before they could build the Great Pyramid of Giza.

During Cairo city tour we can visit two of the Dahshur Pyramids, The Bent Pyramid and the Red Pyramid, were constructed during the reign of Pharaoh Snefero 2613-2589 BC. The Bent Pyramid was the first attempt at a smooth-sided pyramid but ultimately wasn't successful. Also you can visit Sakkara Pyramids,Egyptian Museum, it’s dates back more than 100 years old, it was built during khedive Esmail and includes more than 120.000 pieces of ancient Egyptian monuments and relics for both Arabic & English language clearly labels and signs. And visit more with Alexandria port shore excursions.

Experience the best of Alexandria Shore Excursions with Cairo Tours from Alexandria Port back to Port Said Port, enjoy exploring one of the most spectacular cities in the world which is Cairo, stare at Giza Pyramids, walkthrough the Egyptian Museum, then head out towards Citadel of Salah el Din and more shore excursions Alexandria.

Feel ravishing while takes a trip to scout around one of the popular tours in Cairo with Alexandria Shore Excursions, Experience the highlights of Giza Pyramids and Egyptian Museum Tours from Alexandria Port, get the chance to stare at the panoramic view of Pyramids, walkthrough the ancient Pharaonic time at the Egyptian Museum and more.

Enjoy a delightful Tours to World War ii Cemeteries in Alamein from Alexandria Port, feel the ravishing while stare at World War II Cemeteries which contain wide range of the remain of World War II, then head out towards Alamein Cemeteries and more with shore excursions from alexandria port.

Be ready when you reach to Alexandria port to start a booming Day Tour to Giza Pyramids and Sakkara from Alexandria Port, With Ibis Egypt Tours get a taste of Pharaonic History while stare at Pyramids of Giza, then walkthrough Sakkara Pyramid and more with Excursions from Alexandria Port.

Avoid the masses on this outstanding Alexandria Tour from Alexandria Port, Scout the main highlights including Catacombs of kom el shoqafa, Walkthrough the gardens of Montazah Palace, explore Qaitbay Citadel and more with Ibis Egypt Tours.

Scope the large cruise on this magical adventure, Ibis Egypt Tours offering an amazing Cairo Overnight Tours from Alexandria Port, feel ravishing at the amazement of Pyramids, Stare at Sphinx, then move to explore Sakkara Pyramid and more with Tours from Alexandria Port


Alexandria Shore Excursions

Alexandria is one of the most fascinating places on Earth, our Alexandria Shore Excursions provide a wide array of opportunities to enjoy Tours to Cairo and Alexandria fascinating landmarks, when your cruise ship duck at Alexandria Port be waiting for experience you never try, stare at the amazement of Pyramids of Giza, be witness of the Glory of Might Sphinx, walking through gardens of Montazah Palace and more with Shore Excursions from Alexandria Port.

Alexandria Shore Excursions

Alexandria Shore Excursions

Gain a new perspective of Cairo with Alexandria Egypt Shore Excursions, enjoy exploring one of the most spectacular cities in the world which is Cairo, stare at Saqqara Pyramid, walkthrough the Egyptian Museum, then head out towards Citadel of Salah el Din and more with Alexandria Port Shore Excursions.

Giza Pyramids

Get a great overview of Alexandria with time left to explore on your own, with Shore Excursions Alexandria feast your eyes with Qaitbay Citadel, head out to explore the ravishing Catacombs of El Shoqqafa, be witness of the glory of Montazah Palace, enjoy the amazing view of Stanley Bridge and more with Shore Excursions from Alexandria Port.


The Mighty Sphinx

With its oceanic climate, profound history, and its increasingly famous and diverse nightlife, the twinkling city of Alexandria, has become a most popular destination to travelers. Explore Cairo and Alexandria main attractions, including its historic attractions, museums, and the World War II Cemeteries at Alamein, experience Egyptian Food at Cairo Lunch Cruise and more with Egypt Shore Excursions.

Stanley Bridge

Stanley Bridge

Situated in the north-central part of the country and along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Alexandria has become Egypt’s second-largest city. With Alexandria Shore Excursions explore its colorful history and distinct culture, From the Alexandria Port, you have the opportunity to tour Cairo and visit the wondrous Pyramids of Giza, in addition to the Egyptian Sphinx. In Cairo, you can also visit the Egyptian Museum. Then there is Alexandria, Many historical sites are housed in this city, including the Bibliotheca, a building erected in tribute to the legendary Library of Alexandria.

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