Ain sokhna shore excursion

One of the things to do around Ain Sokhna is to take a small day trip to Cairo, while the most famous attractions will be available in your eyes to be amazed by such as Giza Pyramids, The Great mighty Sphinx, The Step Pyramid of Sakkara, red pyramid, and The Egyptian Museum or if you would like an extra historical trip by Ibis Egypt tours, we can arrange for you tours to the open Air Museum of Memphis City or a Lunch Cruise on the Nile River where spending great moment with relaxation, fresh air, far from the noising of the city. And be so great by Cairo Tours from Sokhna Port through Ibis Egypt tours.

Additionally, with Ain Sokhna Shore Excursions, enjoy a day tour to visit monasteries of St. Anthony and St. Paul in the desert, they are some of the old Coptic monuments existed in Egypt, in those monasteries you can discover the life of the Christian monks previously and how they lived in solitary cells surrounding a communal worship center where they performed the Divine Liturgy and more with Ain Sokhna Shore Excursions.

Take the chance from day Tours from Sokhna Port, when your cruise ship docks in El Sokhna Port we have opportunities to do one of them, rest and chill out along the beaches of the red sea and spend an unforgettable time in 5 stars deluxe hotel where the swimming pool, beaches, and more in the hotel will be allowed to you things to do ain sokhna.

Have the chance one more time with Ibis Egypt tours, and if your ship is stopping at Ain Sokhna Port again in Egypt don’t waste your time waiting for your cruise to keep selling in the sea, because we are providing tours from Ain Sokhna Port, it will give you options to choose the best day trip according to your cruise time and more with trips from Ain Sokhna port.

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