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     . . . .  Intelligent  Networks  . . . .

                           Mobile / Smart  Networks
                 Intelligent  Virtual  Networking

        With the advanced capabilities afforded by the i/Nettm Intelligent Network technologies, -it is now readily possible to really "Enjoy the Freedom" of totally World-Wide Mobile Cloud Computing and Internet Access / Communications, at virtually Anytime or Anyplace.
    -  Also, the following Mobile/Wireless Systems and Services are now offered by Air/Nettm to enhance the interactive World-Wide WEB and Cloud Computing capabilities presently available, which utilize:
  iNet, iPhone, Comm        Public & eGrid Networks         Mobility: I-D,iTV Nets  
  Routers / iSensors           Social and Video-Media         WiMax,WiFi,iTel.,Cell
 1 - Accordingly i/Nettm  provides managed Virtual / iCloud Networks and implementation capabilities for the secure utilization of LAN/WAN/ VLAN & WiFi / WiMax Wireless Networking operations; - and also offers high-reliability, world-class Network products and facilities that include:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    wo 

                   Servers                  Mobility                 Firewalls        
                   Bridges                 WiFi/Max               Gateways                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

                 Terminals                                             Cloud Nets

       i/Nettm is uniquely qualified to both technically support and tactically implement  Interoperable Wireless Networking and Distributed Computing Systems; and offers  industry specialized competence inNetworked & Mobile Architecture plus  Enterprise / I-T Systems Engineering Services, including:
           I.  MOBILE   Network  Planning and Engineering
             II.  Broadband / Cableless  & Voice O-I-P Networking
            III.  Wireless Network & Enterprise System Integration
            IV.  E.Business & E.MessagingRFID/GPS MOBILE lNets 
           V.  WEB Video Conferencing and GLOBAL REAL-MEDIA
            VI.  Secure CLOUD Computing Networks Implementation 
           VII.  SATELLITE / uWave, Cellular, WiMax WAN/WEB Networks
   i/Nettm provides a comprehensive complement of services & support for:  Engineering, Development or Integration of Wireless and Broadband Networking Systems;  facilitating implementation into either institutional, commercial, financial, government or industrial communications operations.
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