Updated 10 August 2019 - 3:28 PM

8/10 Sat Des Moines Clarksville Station (CW) 7-11PM Croatian Center
8/11 Sun Britt Malek's Fishermen Band (variety) 1-4PM City Park Gazebo
8/11 Sun Malcom
Buck Hollow Band (variety) 1-5PM American Legion
8/11 Sun Woodward Al Welsh Orchestra (BB) 5-8:30PM Lake Robbins Ballroom
8/13 Tue Altoona Gaylin Sudik & Friends (BB) 11A-3PM Prairie Meadows
8/13 Tue Tama Jerry Beauchamp Band (variety) 1-4PM Meskwaki Casino
8/17 Sat Des Moines Coyote (CW) 7-11PM Croatian Center
8/18 Sun Woodward Al Godfredsen (BB) 5-8:30PM Lake Robbins Ballroom
8/20 Tue Altoona The RiviEras (oldies/sock-hop) 11A-3PM Prairie Meadows
8/24 Sat Des Moines Highway 30 (CW) 7-11PM Croatian Center
8/24 Sat Woodward Salt Creek (CW) 7-11PM Lake Robbins Ballroom
8/25 Sun Clear Lake Gaylin Sudik & Friends (BB) 6-10PM Surf Ballroom
8/25 Sun Woodward Sentimental Swing (BB) 5-8:30PM Lake Robbins Ballroom
8/27 Tue Altoona Cecil Stanley Orchestra (BB) 11A-3PM Prairie Meadows
8/31 Sat Des Moines Breakin' Ground (CW) 7-11PM Croatian Center
8/31 Sat Woodward RiviEras & Old School (oldies/sock-hop/R'nR/swing) 6:30-11PM Lake Robbins Ballroom
9/1 Sun Woodward Kenastons (CW) 5-9PM Lake Robbins Ballroom
9/2 Mon Woodward Gaylin Sudik & Friends (BB) - Picnic Special 4-7:30PM Lake Robbins Ballroom
9/7 Sat Des Moines Breakin' Ground (CW) 7-11PM Croatian Center
9/7 Sat Woodward Jeff Brant & Galaxy (Branson/Vegas Show - 40th Anniversary) 7-11PM Lake Robbins Ballroom
9/8 Sun Clear Lake Al Welsh Orchestra (BB) 6-10PM Surf Ballroom
9/14 Sat Des Moines RiviEras (oldies/sock-hop) 7-11PM Croatian Center
9/14 Sat Duncan Adam & the Jolly Jammers (variety) 1:30-3PM; 4:30-6P Community Ballroom
9/15 Sun Readlyn Buck Hollow Band (oldies/variety) 2-5PM Event Center
9/15 Sun Duncan Brian & Mississippi Valley Dutchmen 1:30-3PM; 4:30-6P Community Ballroom
9/17 Tue Altoona Jerry Beauchamp Band (variety) 11A-3PM Prairie Meadows
9/21 Sat Des Moines Coyote (CW) 7-11PM Croatian Center
9/22 Sun Clear Lake Hunter Fuerste Vintage Orchestra (BB) 6-10PM Surf Ballroom
9/24 Tue Tama Becky & the Ivanhoe Dutchmen (variety) 1-4PM Meskwaki Casino
9/27 Fri Malcom Memory Brothers (oldies/variety) 6-9PM American Legion
9/27 Fri Des Moines Malek's Fishermen Band (variety) 3-5:30PM 4th Street, south of Court
9/27 Fri West Des Moines Malek's Fishermen Band (variety) 6-9PM The Hall
9/28 Sat Des Moines According to Hoyle (CW) 7-11PM Croatian Center
9/28 Sat Des Moines Becky & the Ivanhoe Dutchmen (variety) 3-5PM 4th Street, south of Court
9/29 Sun Woodward Al Welsh Orchestra (BB) 6-9:30PM Lake Robbins Ballroom

Upcoming Festivals:

Haus Party - West Bend German Fest - Aug. 22-25, West Bend, WI

Hanover Festival - Aug. 25, Hanover Village, Intersection of C-65 and M-27 SW of Alta, IA

Durant Music Fest - Sept. 6-7, Community Hall and Bandshell

Duncanfest - Sep 14-15, Community Ballroom, Duncan, IA

Hessen Haus Oktoberfest, Sept 26-28, Downtown Des Moines, IA

Polka Party - Nov 1-2, Rochester, MN