Alcohol Awareness

It's Time for Change

  • Alcohol abuse costs Iowans
  • Low tax high abuse
  • Pocket change can create change for a healthier and safer Iowa
  • Proven it protects youth from alcohol abuse
  • Increase in tax is good for all Iowans by funding prevention, treatment and enforcement

The Iowa wholesale beer tax currently ranks as one of the lowest in the US, and the proposed increase would only put Iowa into the middle range. State wholesale taxes in the US range from 2 cents to $1.29/gallon. Iowa’s beer tax of 19 cents/gallon has not changed in 31 years. Over that same time, all costs, including treatment and healthcare costs to tax payers for alcohol abuse have increased significantly.

To fill out an opinion survey about this strategy, go to this link

Coalitions or Organizations who have signed surveys or statements of support on the beer tax evidence-based strategy

Alliance of Coalitions for Change (AC4C)

Jackson County Prevention Coalition

Jones County Safe and Healthy Youth Coalition

Delaware County Drug Abuse Coalition (DDAC)

Fayette County Substance Abuse Coalition

West Central I-STEP

Gunderson Palmer Community Health (Public Health Fayette County)

Tiger Hawk Connections Learning Center (TCLC)

Power Up Youth (Coalition from Webster City, Hamilton County)

Jones County Public Health

Jones County Sheriff’s Department

Allies for Substance Abuse Prevention

Hancock County Wellness Coalition

Apostolic Assembly of Anamosa

Chickasaw Connections (Chickasaw County)

Siouxland CARES About Substance Abuse

Kossuth County Board of Health

Positively Spencer Youth in Clay County

MOCHA Kiwanis (Orange City)

Community Health Partners (Sioux County)

Orange City Community Group

North Fayette Valley Community Coalition (NFVCC)

Garner Teen Council

Garner Asset Project

Estherville PROSPER Team, ISU Extension & Outreach Emmet County