Build it yourself

Warning for self-builders 
A ELC, which fails because it is built badly, can destroy the whole hydro system and all user appliances.
If you don't have experience with building electric equipment, I would not recommend to build your own ELC. You will need to find a qualified engineer who does it for you, or teaches you how to.

I didn't find time so far to publish all the information in a useful form, without errors. If you are seriously interested, please contact me.

Work steps:


    What kW and features do you need?


     Either buy the pcb from me or get one made.
     Circuit diagram: Schematic
     Kicad Files and gerber files are available from me. My PCBs are made at elecrow.


    Source and buy all the parts. Parts list is available from me. Parts depend on the options you need.


    Solder the PCB (through hole technology)


    Program the arduino mega. Knowlege how to handle libraries and preferably how to flash the bootloader is necessary.
    Code is available from me

Build and wire

    Good cooling for the SSRs and Triacs is absolutely important.

Configure, Calibrate, Test

    Configure the software parameters. Calibrate the measuring inputs. Thoroughly test all the functions.