January 8, 2011


The goal was to install the Hurd in VirtualBox, from OS (Gnu) Linux Mint 10 Julia and also from Debian Squeeze).
It happened yesterday :)

As soon as this archive Hurd.vdi.tar.lzma is downloaded from I decompact it (with Nautilus).
The getted image is nammed Hurd_tuto 4 (copie).vdi
Always with Nautilus (with hidden files' diplay actived), i renamme Hurd_tuto 4 (copie).vdi in Hurd-tuto4.vdi
Through a drag and drop, i copy this file into .Virtualbox/HardDisks.
In Virtualbox, i run the creation of a new virtual machine Hurd_tuto4
Insteed to create a new disk, i choose 'existing disk'. And of course, i choose Hurd-tuto.vdi

768Mo of ram for the virtual Hurd

Display : 128Mo 

NOTE: when starting at some point it stops for 3 minutes on

ppa: Probing port 0278

It then continues without problems.

>login root

Password :
Hurd : ~# apt-get update
        # apt-get upgrade
        # apt-get install xorg openbox fluxbox
        # startx

envoyé par gonzolero. - Découvrez des webcam de personnalités du monde entier.                                                                                                                          Hurd in the GUI !


Hubert Lombard,
1 mars 2015, 07:16