Edward Baumlin

A graduate of the Art Career School in New York City. Ed had owned and operated a graphic freelance design studio for over two decades.

Ed became interested in watercolor about 18 years ago. Early in his studies, it soon became apparent that Ed had a natural talent for using this difficult medium, and it wasn't long before he began to enter shows, display his work, and win awards.

Inspired by color, he uses glazes of light and dark hues, and utilizes shapes, that invoke interest, as he perceives them. His paintings are light and airy, yet they never seem to be repetitive. Ed captures the spontaneity of the moment in a realistic manner, resulting in an exceedingly pleasing effect.

Ed has now started to experiment with two other mediums, acrylics and pastels, both exciting to work with, giving his pieces a completely new look.

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Winter Morning