Hi there! My name is Hung Le and I hope to continue to serve as the 
Associated Students Vice President for Business and Operations. 

A bit about me 
Year: Senior
Major: Accounting and Economics with a minor in Communications  
Hobbies: I enjoy playing fantasy football, motorcycle rides along Chuck-a-nut, and spending time with my friends. 
Extracurricular: Club Officer in VSA (Vietnamese Student Association)

Candidate Statement
Hi there! My name is Hung Le, your current Vice President for Business and Operations. This year, through my collaborate leadership style, the operations of the Associated Students have been consistently & positively improving through various projects and proposals. Most notably, my educational background as an Accounting and Economics major has help to create a new budgeting process that is transparent, accountable and emphasizes the stewardship of student dollars. I am currently re-structuring the AS Reserve Policy so that those dollars are used as effectively and efficiently as possible. If re-elected, I will continue to use my education, interpersonal and leadership skills to innovate positive changes to the AS, Thank you for taking the time to read this. Here's to another amazing year! 

Strengths that qualify me for this position
Education - I am a dedicated student in the College of Business & Economics, my major concentration is Accounting and Economics. I have been recognized for my hard work through such awards as the "Boeing Business ", among others. This past year, I've transferred knowledge from the classroom to the Associated Students. An             
example would be implementing internal controls by identifying responsibility for all 95 AS Budgets, every dollar of our $2.5 million budget can be traced back to a source and an authority. This audit trail holds student dollars accountable. 

Interpersonal Abilities - I not only have the technical skills and business acumen that are necessary for this position, but I also have the intangibles that make things happen. Anyone can be smart, but it takes a well rounded individual to collaborate with others for positive changes to occur. Buy-in from others for new ideas, is one the harder things to achieve. I've developed buy-in by building  reputation of producing high quality work while being objective. I communicate well to others and people seem to like working with me. That respect from others allows for me explore new avenues that may be otherwise overlooked. An example would be creating the "AS Water Bottle Free Policy", this was an project that I pursued on behalf of the VP for Student Life due to the overwhelming student support for the elimination of the single use water bottles on campus. I brought it to the AS Management Council (Student Managers of AS functions) and together we created a clause within the AS Hospitality policy that restricts the usage of the single use plastic water bottles. This potential difficult idea was approved by the Management Council and eventually the Board of Directors. I was very open and clear with all parties about my intentions and goals, and because of that we created a very positive change. 

Leadership Skills - My management style is akin to the economic "Laissez-faire" philosophy, I believe micromanagement stifles efficiency and innovation.   Part of the position responsibility of the AS VP for Business and Operations is to oversee the Directors of 6 offices and departments. As any strong manager, I am always an available and proactive resource for the leaders of those departments and bring their needs to the Board of Directors. But other than strategic guidance, I have full faith in the individuals managing those areas, that is why they are hired in the first place. I have developed a professional relationship with my colleagues that has set a positive and fulfilling work environment. There is an understood expectation of high quality work and a mutual respect for one another. I am so proud of the work that all those areas produced this year.