Rich Kinnear's 'Cool' Garage

 Thanks, Rich, for sharing your story with us!

Mid-Ohio Mopars member, Rich Kinnear, says “I just wanted a nice garage!” From the looks of these pictures, he got what he wanted!

The story of how Rich came to be the owner of this awesome garage began with his annual trip to the Woodward Dream Cruise in Michigan. He took some great pictures and created the ‘Woodward Dream Cruise Wall’ and then thought it would be nice to add pictures of all the awesome cars he has owned in his lifetime. From looking at it, you can see Rich has had some pretty cool cars. If you look closely, you may even spot some ‘off brands’ but we will forgive him. It’s nice to know he evolved into a ‘die-hard’ Mopar fanatic!

Since Rich enjoys Tiki Bars on the water, he created the ‘Tropical Wall/Tiki Bar Wall’. He has traveled to the Florida Keys a few times as well as the Caribbean.  You can tell from the pictures, he has collected an amazing array of items to represent this wall.

Then came the ‘Route 66 Wall/The Mother Road’! Rich says “I just love the history of Route 66 and I could go on and on about the mystic of this road and all the things about it that lure me to it.” When he came up with this idea, Rich contacted a teacher at North Royalton High School and asked him if he knew of an art student who was getting ready to graduate and going on to college to study art. He had a student contact me and the rest is history. He did a great job on my garage wall!

“I’ve traveled a few sections of the ‘Mother Road’ and have collected a lot of literature, books and maps of the road, as well. I intend, within a couple of years, to do an extensive trip of Route 66. It will take about 5 weeks to make the trip from Chicago all the way to Santa Monica Pier on the Pacific Ocean” said Rich.

For those of you who have explored Route 66, I imagine it was an exciting time. For those of us who haven’t yet done it…what a cool trip this would be in an awesome classic Mopar! Wonder if Rich will take his Roadrunner?