8. 01/2014 Fleecing Local High-Speed Train Riders

This Briefing Paper “Fleecing Local High-Speed Train Riders While Big City Executives Ride Cheaper” refutes California High Speed Rail Authority’s claims, in their 2012 Business Plan, of lower per mile ticket prices for local high-speed rail (HSR) passengers. Riding a HSR train in the Central Valley, Southern California or the San Francisco Peninsula will cost 3-4 times the present-day rail fares between the same destinations. The Central Valley’s subsidized Amtrak riders likely will find cheaper, non-rail alternatives; while Caltrain and Metrolink riders will opt to stay with their subsidized fares.  The net outcome will be fewer than forecasted riders, lower than forecasted revenues, more congestion and pollution in the Central Valley, and little or no decrease in congestion or pollution within the metropolitan areas: the opposite of CHSRA’s claims. CHSRA’s assertions again fail the credibility test. 

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