1. Background Information

Structure of Reports

All the reports are broken down into three types.  Clicking on the Section number to the left will take you to the pages that list all the subpages for this topic, and clicking on the appropriate subpage will take you to the documents.  All reports are in PDF format and may be "Downloaded".  If you have a Google account you may also "View" the reports online.

Section 2 contains large detailed reports dealing with the contents of the CHSRA Business Plans; in Section 2.1 is the analysis of the 2012 Business Plan and Section 2.2 is the analysis of the 2010 Business Plan.  No analysis was done specifically on the 2008 Business Plan, but it is mentioned in the documents in Sections 2.1 and 2.2.

Section 3 contains smaller more specific reports dealing with the contents of the CHSRA Business Plans; in Section 3.1 are the topics reviewed in the 2014 Business Plan, in Section 3.2 are the topics reviewed in the 2012 Business Plan and Section 3.3 are the topics in the 2010 Business Plan. 

Section 4 contains about two dozen one page summaries of specific issues contained in the 2010 Business Plan.

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The Authors

Alain C. Enthoven – Marriner S. Eccles Professor of Public and Private Management (emeritus), GSB Stanford; President, Litton Medical Products; Economist, Rand Corporation; President’s Award for Distinguished Federal Civilian Service; Fellow American Academy of Arts and Sciences; Founder, Jackson Hole Group (BA Economics, Stanford; Rhodes Scholar–Oxford; PhD Economics, MIT)

William C. Grindley – World Bank; Associate Division Director, SRI International; Founder and CEO, Pacific Strategies, ret. (BA Architecture, Clemson; Master of City Planning, MIT

William H. Warren – Officer, US Navy. Forty years of Silicon Valley finance, sales and consulting experience and management, including CEO of several start-ups, Director/Officer at IBM, ROLM, Centigram, and Memorex (BA Political Science, Stanford; MBA, Stanford)

Michael G. Brownrigg – Founder, Managing Partner, Total Impact Advisors; Managing Partner, ChinaVest; US State Department, Foreign Service; US Trade Representative’s Office; Board, Foundation for A College Education; (BA, Economics Williams College)

Alan H. Bushell - McKinsey & Co.; CEO/COO/CFO of several technology companies; ret. (BA Stellenbosch University, Chartered Accountant SA; MBA Harvard)