3.2 Briefing Papers - 2014 Plan

In 2014 two Briefing Papers, two Comments of the Draft 2014 Business Plan, and a Presentation to a Senate Committee have been issued, and these are available on the subpages below:

In March -

California’s High-Speed Rail Authority proposes to bring a new service to the market in 2022.  Its initial +$31 billion cost may make it the most expensive ‘launch’ in history, and a lot depends on whether it will be able to attract enough riders to make it profitable.  If the travel times or costs to passengers for using rail and buses can’t beat going by highway or flying, Californians will have to subsidize its operations forever.  This "If You Build It, They Will Not Come" Briefing Paper puts the origins of that risk under the microscope. See 1, below.

In April -

This Briefing Paper "Why Cap & Trade Funds Cannot Be Used To Finance High-Speed Rail In California" provides four different papers that speak to the issues associated with the use of Cap and Trade funds to construct the HSR project. With the Governor proposing to allocate to HSR $250 Million of Cap and Trade funds over the next year and a third of all available Cap and Trade funds in future years, this analysis is timely.  See 2, below.

In April -

The California High Speed Rail Authority's Draft 2014 Business Plan was released for review and comments in February, 2014.  Comments were to be submitted by April 8, 2014.  Mr. William Grindley and Mr. William Warren both submitted comments to the Authority.  At the Authority's Board of Directors Meeting on April 10, 2014, the Authority acknowledged the submission of many comments, including those of Mr. Grindley and Mr. Warren.  The Board then proceeded to approve the Draft Business Plan, with minor corrections, as the Final 2014 Business Plan.  No action was taken on any of the points addressed in either of the documents provided below.   See 3, below.

In April -

On April 22, 2014, a brief 11 page Presentation was made to a Senate Transportation & Housing Committee Hearing.  This presentation, "The California High-Speed Rail Project – To Have The Train OR To Obey The Law: That Is The Question", summarizes the legal issues and challenges facing the Legislature and the California High Speed Rail Authority.  See 4, below.

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