1.1 New CHSRA Web Site

The California High Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA) has a new Web site, at www.hsr.ca.gov 

The old CHSRA Web site, which was at www.cahighspeedrail.ca.gov, has been shut down, as of June, 2013.  Any attempt to access this Web site, and any of the information or documents that was contained on this site, will be re-directed to the new site’s home page.  There is no re-direction from the old link address for a document to the new link address for the document.  On their new home page there is a “site map” to assist in the location of documents on a broad assortment of topics.

Our Web site contains reports and documents that reference, via footnotes, CHSRA documents with a direct link to the old CHSRA’s Web site.  Therefore we are providing a table that lists these CHSRA documents, and their new direct link, on the CHSRA’s new Web site. 

This table of CHSRA documents and their new Web addresses may be accessed below.  This conversion table is organized by major topics for the CHSRA, such as their various Business Plans.  The table then contains a reference to their documents which we refer to, via footnotes, in our reports on this Web site.  For each CHSRA document the old link to the CHSRA’s old Web site is provided, for reference only (it is no longer functional). In the right hand column is the new link to the document, on the CHSRA’s new Web site.  Depending on your browser, you may be able to “double click”, or “control and click”, to directly open the document on your browser.  If neither works, copy the new link and paste it into your browser.

We apologize for this inconvenience, but some things are simply out of our control.

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