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Examination & Study Tips

Study tips
  1. Personal study time table

    Have a personal time-table which will help you to allocate time equally to all the subjects. Follow your time-table and avoid giving more attention to some subjects than others

  2. Concentration

    Find a way suitable to make you concentrate. The following are some of the ways:

    1. Quiet place to avoid noise and distractions

    2. Listening to soft music to relieve study pressure

    3. Away from your bed to avoid sleeping

    4. On a chair and with a table to make yourself comfortable

  3. Jotting main points

    It has been scientifically proved that 95% of what you read can stick to your mind if you jot the main points down. It doesn’t matter what you read, you can still jot down main points of your class notes

  4. Self Assessment

    It is best to assess yourself after studying each topic. You can write questions from past examination papers in our Study Guide and honestly mark yourself using the memoranda supplied. This way you can easily see your strengths and weaknesses on the topic and iron them out.

  5. Seek help

    When you see your weaknesses and still cannot iron them out, it is better for you to seek for help. We at 100% Pass have a provision for affordable private tuition classes where you will meet professionals who can simplify concepts for you.

Examination tips

The following is the equation for every examination: 

                                Speed + Accuracy = Success


  1. Being Organized

    Be organized in the examination. Number the questions from the easiest to the hardest. Start with the easiest on a fresh page whilst keeping the numbering on the question paper. This way you will gain confidence in the examination. Starting with hard questions will demoralize you and hence you will panic and fail.

  2. Speed

    Do not spend a whole year on one question. If the question seems to be tougher then leave space and go to the next one. Your brain will do the magic subconsciously such that by the time you come back to the question you will be having some fresh ideas. This way you will have speed in the examination

  3. Accuracy

    As much as you need to be fast in the exam remember also to be accurate in everything you do. Don’t make unnecessary mistakes. When you are done with the examination, don’t just rush to go out, revise your work again to root out some mistakes. This way you will be accurate.