100% Tutors

       Admire Mugwinyi

Admire is the head of 100% Pass Series Tutors in South Africa. He is a holder of an Engineering Degree, and over 10 years teaching in the South African Department of Education. He has been nominated several times as the best teacher by the North West Provincial Department of Education to teach at Winter and Spring Camps at Bethel High School.

100% Pass Series Tutors

100% Tutors are professional academics in the fields of commerce and engineering, with a profound experience in the Department of Basic Education in South Africa. Because of their experience in both industry and education, they have managed to simplify concepts in a manner that even an average learner would understand. Over the years they were involved in Winter and Spring Camps in South Africa, and have contributed greatly to the improvement of national matric results. They have a passion to see South Africa developing through education. You are in safe hands with 100% Pass Tutors, they are patient with those who take time to understand.