Matriculation examinations has never been easy, but we at Hundred Percent Pass are committed to simplify learning for all South African learners and teachers. Over the years we have proved to be a useful instrument in the Department of Basic Education, working with learners with difficulties to understand Maths and Physical sciences, and see their performances increasing drastically — producing hundred percent results in Matric external examinations. Several learners in some parts of South Africa have been our testimonies, confessing that our methods are easy to understand, and hence the good results.

After having received complaints from many students and some teachers about challenges they face with Maths and Physical Sciences, not because the subjects are that difficult, but because of the manner in which some textbooks fails to simplify concepts, we have decided to write a series of Hundred Percent Pass study guides so that we may contribute also to the improvement of national results. In the mean time we managed to publish Physical Sciences grade 10 -12 Study Guides which are already on the market.

Our books have been received positively in most parts of South Africa in a short space of time after publication, with most of our readers demanding that we should initiate private tuition classes. Today we are offering affordable tuition sessions for Maths and Physical Sciences to many South African students.

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These are reviews from some of our readers:

(1) Tebogo M - Thanks for your study guide, it is really helping me a lot to prepare my Physical Sciences matric exam. It is really straight too the point. Thanks!

(2) Jonker M - Wow! I wish if I knew this book at the beginning of the year. it makes me understand so easily. Great staf

(3) Lachesha BI found the content of this book to be very insightful. It is very well organized and explains in excellent detail. I found the author was quite knowledgeable on all the subjects. A great educational book for the students it was written for.

(4) Zikhona N - It really helped me a lot. The study guide gave me confidence to be in front of learners...I am still planning to buy the one for grade 11

(5) Pabalelo M - I am very happy with the study guide .. because it helped me a lot. I would like to buy Life Sciences as well.

(6) Brian M - The book is constructed in a simple to understand manner. It outlines the knowledge that must be gained before entering the exam. Before using the study guide I had never attained any percentage above 66% but after using the study guide I attained 72%

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