Howe  Yoga

Howe Yoga makes your yoga practice convenient and easy!
Our teacher comes to your home  to work with you …one-on-one.

Personal yoga
classes in your home
office, hotel,or B&B from Mill Bay to Nanaimo.
All classes are 60 minutes unless otherwise requested
and include guided meditation and pranayama.

  $75 per session (plus travel)
your session may include up to
4 friends for an additional $ 20

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Therapeutic Yoga sessions
are designed for students who would like to focus
on their specific body needs.

Therapeutic Yoga is a blend of supported restorative poses, pranayama (breath work), and meditation to relieve the body from its physical, emotional or physiological disharmony that are not addressed in general yoga classes. These supported sessions allow you to relax while strengthening your body and spirit.

Therapeutic Yoga is particularly helpful whether you are in recovery from an illness, injury or preparing for surgery.  Sessions are designed to accommodate your needs and physical condition and abilities.


Yoga in all of its forms calms the nervous system and improves circulation & respiration. It relieves muscle tension & improves various organ functions. A consistent yoga practice grows bone mass, and improves muscular strength, range of motion, balance and coordination. Reduces cortisol levels, increases serotonin, and improves resistance to stress and infection. Students gain flexibility, enhanced energy and stamina, stabilized moods, develop awareness of their body, and reduces stress.

Therapeutic yoga is especially beneficial for individuals with; pain management issues, back, neck, shoulder and knee conditions or injuries, general medical conditions, emotional conditions, seniors, and pregnant women.

Therapeutic Yoga Sessions are 90 minutes unless otherwise requested
and include  guided meditation and pranayama.

  $90 per session  first class includes physical assessment.

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Sessions are private and are conducted in your home.
You must be able to get up and down off the floor without assistance.