Class Descriptions

Yoga in all of its forms calms the nervous system and improves circulation & respiration.

Students gain flexibility, enhanced energy and stamina, stabilized moods, develop awareness of their body, and reduces stress.

A consistent yoga practice grows bone mass, and improves muscular strength, range of motion, balance and coordination.

Reduces cortisol levels, increases serotonin, and improves resistance to stress and infection.

 Personal Yoga Training
or Therapeutic
In Your Home

Howe Yoga ensures you are gently
guided in a safe and systematic practice,
your sessions are personalized and work
towards your goals.

1.5 hours

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Personal and Therapeutic Yoga sessions are 
designed for students who would like to focus
on their specific body needs.

As Sri T. Krishnamacharya emphasized yoga must be adapted to the individual;
rather than an individual
to a particular yoga practice.