About Howe Yoga

Howe Yoga
Strength - Flexibility- Focus

All levels of yoga from beginner to therapeutic sessions. You learn at your own pace with the undivided attention of our certified Iyengar instructor.

Beginner  to Advanced
Restorative to Therapeutic Yoga
and Yoga for Golfers, runners and athletes.

From private lessons on a regular basis or just a class or two to work on the how of your yoga. Howe Yoga ensures you are gently guided in a safe and systematic practice, your sessions are personalized and work towards your goals.

Iyengar Yoga places special emphasis on developing strength, endurance, balance and correct body alignment.

The Iyengar Style of Yoga was developed to allow everyone from a beginner to a more advanced Yoga practitioner, to progress from basic to more advanced asana safely. B.K.S Iyengar introduced the use of blankets, blocks, straps and chairs to encourage correct alignment and to provide space and time to “sit” in the asana.

Yoga props allow the student to achieve  and maintain correct body alignment
increasing  the time in a pose deriving the most benefit. Props are removed as the practitioner gains flexibility, strength
and focus in mind and body.  Or props are added when you are tired, injured or just need to restore.

Howe yoga encourages students to “find peace in the pose”. Iyengar yoga is a slower, gentler, supported style of yoga. Students learn to slow down, to feel the pose, to hold the pose longer building stamina, flexibility, and focus.

Your Instructor CoCo Bezjack

You will feel relaxed, refreshed and transformed by your personalized sessions with CoCo, a highly skilled and caring certified and insured Iyengar Yoga instructor and the founder of Howe Yoga. CoCo’s dedicated and enthusiastic style educates and deepens your practice as well as your knowledge of the art of yoga. Connecting with her students through humor and gentle encouragement students learn to connect with their movements, building strength, and flexibility.

A Graduate of The Yoga Studio College of Canada, Calgary in 2008. CoCo's yoga journey started in 1983, after exploring the various styles of Yoga in 2003 she began to study Iyengar Yoga.

I am excited to assist you in your journey towards improved health and peace of mind.